Marketing In a Pandemic

Identify an existing product or service that adapted to the Pandemic and describe how the marketing strategy changed to survive during the Pandemic. Remember that marketing strategy is about the 4 P’s of marketing — product, price, placement (distribution and channels), and promotion — and how they are designed to appeal to the target market. Please describe each of the 4 P’s of marketing for this product or service post-Pandemic AND include any other suggestions for further improve the marketing of the product or service uring the Pandemic. Again — you must address product, price, placement, and promotion.

Note: Many marketing experts refer to the 4 P’s. If the term placement feels odd to you, think of distribution as to how a product or service gets from its origin (manufacturer or provider of service) to the customer and also where it is placed (made available) in the marketplace.
You must apply course concepts and the 4 marketing concepts listed above.

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