Research the company WALMART

Research the company WALMART that you chose in the Lesson 2 Graded Assignment above which must be a company that is in your particular area/emphasis, (no opinions; you must use researched facts and cite your sources both in text and on a reference page) and write an APA style paper to answer the following questions:

Be sure to turn in a paper that uses APA formatting and looks like the case study example given below but answers the questions posed, in paragraph form. Remember that it takes at least three sentences to form a paragraph. I prefer that you type out the questions and then respond to each one with at least three sentences. This assignment will be kept in your senior portfolio.
As guides please use APA Formatting in Word (with case study example), and the company research grading rubric (the words are your links; simply click on them).
1. What does the term “vision” mean? What is the vision of the company that you researched?
2. What does the term “mission” mean? What is the mission of the company that you researched.
3. Define objectives and goals. What are the objectives and goals of the company you researched?
4. What type of strategic approach does the company you researched use? (*Choose from the four choices in the lecture notes located in the Lesson Lectures for this week) Be sure to include an in text citation and reference for the lecture notes. (You will find it listed on the last page of the lecture notes)
5. Is the company you chose ethical or moral? Explain your response.
6. Is the company partly proactive and partly reactive? Explain.
7. Is there a Board of Directors in the company? Explain the overall role that they play.
8. Define the term business model? Explain the company’s business model.

9. Be sure to include how globalization effects the company that you researched.

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