Two Theories And Ideal Model Of Counseling Supervision

Two Theories and Ideal Model of Counseling Supervision

Use Figure 2.1 (see attached file) on page 20 of the Bernard and Goodyear Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision  text to complete this discussion. 

Choose one theory from the following  groups: models grounded in psychotherapy theory, developmental models,  or process models. 

Then, choose a second theory from one of the two  groups you did not choose from for the first theory.

For this discussion:

  • Compare the first orientation you chose with the second. Describe the benefits and limitations of your choices.
  • Decide which theoretical perspective best supports your ideal model of supervision. Provide a rationale for your decision.
  • Discuss the theory of the supervisor you interviewed for the  assignment in this unit. Describe how it supports the model used by your  interviewee.

Complete in 600-750 words

Use at least 3-5 references in APA 7th edition.

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