Assignment: Republic of Cuba

Step One: select one of the following countries listed below that the United States either does not have formal diplomatic relations with or did not for a prolonged period of time (Cuba):
(Republic of Cuba)

Step Two: explain, in your paper, why the United States has such troubled / tense relations with the nation that you have selected. Be sure to give as detailed an analysis as you can of the following:
The historical context between the United States and the previous regimes that controlled these countries (if applicable, which WILL be the case for Cuba and Iran).
Ideological differences between the national regime that you have selected and the United States (particularly if this nation is a single-party “Communist” state, or some other form of regime that is organized very differently than the United States).
Document the grievances that both nations (the <link is hidden> and the country you selected) have with each other and give as many details as you can.
If applicable, discuss the <link is hidden> alliance/recognition with any other countries that the country that you have selected has open hostilities towards (ie: Israel for Syria and Iran, Taiwan for China, and various nations for Russia).
You will need to include at least some discussion (based upon your own research) of what contemporary historians / political experts think about these issues. You are free to conclude the essay with a short paragraph expressing your own views on the matter.

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