Behavior in Young Children _Reflection Assignment

Instructions Directly from Teacher/Instructor:

Below are the required headings already listed for you.

Remember this is a 1-page reflection paper to sum up what you have learned about trauma’s effects on brain development, trauma’s effects on behavior, and recommendations for teachers’/ caregivers’ responses.

You can use up to 3 sources of references. You do not have to use 3 references, but you cannot use more than 3.

Just remember to cite using APA.

As for the recommendations of resource by the instructor, you can really focus on the articles uploaded to the order.: (ONLY RECOMMENDATIONS)
1. Creating Trauma Sensitive Classrooms and
2. Helping Young Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

This paper is meant to help you gather your thoughts intentionally related to what you might encounter one day in a professional setting. It is not meant as a research paper, as evidenced by the 1-page requirement STRICTLY ENFORCED by instructor.

Approach this assignment with the knowledge that this information will help you in very practical, real ways in the future.

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