The Troubled Empire


Use the below ONE ACT PLAY information to create 1 page scene for this play below (This 1 page will be the 1st page for this play, so it should be something that can grab audience’s eye!!!)

You can only use the information provided below to come out with the first page of your scene. (It should be written as a play format not an essay for paragraph format!!!)

The Troubled Empire

One-Act Play


John (Father):

The head of the family. A self-declared stable genius and astute deal maker. He had fairly successful business ventures five year earlier. He lost New York mayoral elections two months ago; he is now focused on reviving his failing business brands.

Erik (Son 1):

A timid and calm son who is planning to establish a real-estate company.

Donaldson (Son 2):

He is Erik’s elder brother who marriage is falling apart. He is pro-Father but his public reputation is injurious to the family business.

Ivanna (Daughter):

 She is the sister to Erik and Donaldson. She has pledged support to the Father.

Kush (Son 3):

He is the husband to Ivanna. His involvement in the family business raises conflict with Erik.




            The senior members of John’s family have gathered at the corporate headquarters of the family-owned businesses. They discuss about reviving the businesses and marketing the brands in the post-election era. Donaldson want to succeed his father as company’s chief executive officer. When John announced Kush as his preferred candidate to lead the busines reconstruction program, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.

SETTING: Conference room at a corporate office


            Donaldson and Erik have reservation against their father’s decision to appoint Kush as the head of the reconstruction program. Donaldson expected his privilege as the oldest son to secure him every premium position in the company. Both Erik and Donaldson vent their frustration with Kush’s involvement in the family business. Erik comment on their father’s previous decision to appoint Kush to an influential position in the New York chamber of commerce. Contrast to the expectations, Kush declines the new role in the family business leaving John no option but to employ an outsider to run the business for the first since its founding.

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