Transcendentalism (Dickinson): Learning Objectives

Please split the paper between the learning objective (Forum) questions and the side quest.
Forum: Learning Objectives

Be able to explain each poem’s theme (universal subject plus overall message about that subject)
Be able to identify which poems share themes.

Here are some of our readings you can choose from. You probably only have to pick 2 of the selected readings to cover both of the learning objectives.
Emily Dickinson 1654-58

I never lost as much but twice 39 page 1658

Success is counted sweetest 112 page 1658

Safe in their Alabaster Chambers 124 page 1660

“Faith” is a fine invention 202 page 1661

I taste a liquor never brewed 207 page 1661

A Clock stopped 259 page 1663

Wild Nights—Wild Nights! 269 page 1664

There’s a certain Slant of light 320 page 1666

I felt a funeral in my brain 340 page 1667

The Soul selects her own Society 409 page 1673

Because I could not stop for Death— 479 page 1676

I heard a fly buzz 591 page 1679

The Brain—is wider than the Sky— 598 page 1679-80

My life closed twice before its close 1773 page 1692

SIDE QUEST: Mimicking Emily Dickinson’s writing style, write a poem(This can be very short but just be sure to mimic the writing style).

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