Complexities surrounding community issues in primary prevention in children and adolesscent

Assignment: In at least 300 words, describe three things that you have learned about the complexities surrounding community issues with primary prevention in child and adolescent populations and the role that government plays in preventing and managing health in populations. Consider vaccine hesitancy, vaccine-preventable disease, school immunization requirements, health disparities in various communities, and what role(s) the community/public health nurse has in primary prevention policies and protocols. Use at least two professional references in addition to your textbook to support your work.

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Assignment 3: WOrkplace Communications portfolio

WOrkplace Communications portfolio /30 Marks (20% of Final Grade)Approximate Time Requirement: 8-10 hours For Assignment 3, you will be required to create a portfolio of 11 items showcasing your skills….

Which theories introduced had the greatest significance for you in your professional career or personal life?

Assignment Over the past several months we have read and reviewed 10 articles in the Harvard Business Review book on leadership. We have also watched different videos and movies that….

A personal story that generalizes the universal human experience

This “personal” story should be in the point of view of a high school American teenager and his accomplishments in competitive weight lifting throughout his life.-relate the significance of a….