Forecasting new products for Zoom Video Communication

The function of the learning process is not only to learn defined concepts but also to apply the ideas studied. Thus, it is important for students to demonstrate the methods and be able to show their application to real world problems.
Conduct research on Zoom Video Communication to show how this company forecasts its new products. The research will focus on the methodology and action conducted by Zoom Video Communication. Select on focusing with this organization as best as you can. Please consider:
1. What are methods used?
2. What variables that are used.
3. How accurate are those methods
4. Will you do something different
You can use secondary data, charts and graphs to support your findings.
Please submit a 6 pages research paper on the company selected with APA format. Use all available resources online and other secondary source to present reasonable analysis/result for the Zoom Video Communication, and please use references in the APA format.
The required writing style for this course is APA that requires in-text citations with the appropriate reference of the author as well as a reference page. Please refer to PURDUE OWL in the “Course Document” Link for guidance on formatting, and general citation requirements. Generally, for writing assignments, your paper contents must be double-spaced pages and the count excludes the cover, reference and appendix pages. You are also required to include at least one current sources that provide rationale or support for the topic under discussion and use in-text citation based on the APA format where appropriate. The final paper needs to have at least 6 pages plus reference.
The paper will be graded as:
Content and structure 90%
Content In-depth coverage of all aspects; supports main points with references, examples and explanations; shows understanding with application of information includes adequate number of sources.
Structure Introduction and conclusion are well developed; presentation of thoughts and ideas are logical and well developed with smooth transitions
Presentation 10%
Presentation No major errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
Professional appearance and excellent sentence structure
.Please refer to the attached Word file to see more info about this paper.

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