Representation and the Roots of Inequality

1. Consider Madison’s dilemma. Can you think of specific contemporary policy issues where majority will has thwarted minority rights? What about the other way around? Are there times when the numerical minority seems to dominate the majority?
2. Donald Trump was elected president on a platform that emphasized the plight of the worker, even though he is, and has always been, very wealthy. What would the Framers (such as James Madison) say in regard to the wealth gap between the political leaders and the majority of citizens? Is it consistent with their ideal of democracy? If not, would you attribute the disconnect to a design error in the system, an implementation error, or something else?

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Individual coursework critical writing

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Research Prospectus

A two- to three-paragraph statement describing the <link is hidden> statement should begin with at least one paragraph introducing and explaining the general topic area and introducing any vocabulary and background necessary….

Project Charter theory

Describe the purpose of each element of the project charter and discuss the theory behind each element. Using appropriately cited paraphrasing, you are expected to include and draw on the….