Story Corps: Analysis of the Lives of Older Americans

Story Corps: Analysis of the Lives of Older Americans

Assignment Overview and Objectives: The goal of this assignment is to apply class material to information readily available in the popular media. This activity will help the student gain experience comparing lay opinions to evidence-based information on human development. The activity will allow the student an opportunity to practice using APA version 7 format.

Content Instructions:

Go to . Use the “search” feature on the top right to select 2 stories of older adults that interest you. Try to select some stories from people who are different from you in some way (marital status, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, SES, region, education, political party, etc.). From those that you listen to, choose two stories to evaluate using the questions in bold below.

As you listen to the stories, think about what you’ve learned about older adults in this class (e.g., ageism, disease, physical and cognitive changes due to aging, retirement, family, marriage, caregiving, volunteerism, aging in place, self-theories, integrity vs. despair, generativity vs. stagnation, stratification theories, etc). Evaluate how these ideas fit or do not fit with the content of stories.

For each story:

  1. Briefly summarize the content and your reaction to the story.
  2. Analyze the content of the story, using 3 ideas from the textbook.                 
    1. Make sure you explicitly compare the story to the theoretical views and specific research findings presented in the textbook. Directly relate and synthesize course material in relation to the story.

Formatting Instructions:

  1. This paper should be approximately 2-3 pages in length (that is, 2-3 pages of double-spaced text only, not including the Title page, Abstract, and References).
  2. Make sure the paper double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.
  3. The entire paper should be formatted in APA version 7. The paper should include a cover page (with a running head), abstract, keywords, headings, references, etc). At the end of the paper, remember to include a References page that lists your textbook, as well as each of the stories.
  4. The assignment should be submitted in Microsoft Word software (I will not accept papers in other software, such as pages, pdf, google docs, etc).
    1. If you need access to Word software, please see NAU’s software resources for students at .

Grading Rubric:

Summary of story and reaction to story0-10 points
Evaluation/Analysis of story content using 3 ideas from the textbook0-20 points
APA formatting Writing Quality (e.g., organization, transitions, grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow of writing)  0-10 points 0-10 points
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