Task required- Organisation Evaluations: 2 PARTS

Task required- Organisation Evaluations: 2 PARTS

  1. Identify two specific organisations you may be interested in for your HRM career from different business sectors.  Ideally, these will be from the private, public or community/” non-profit” sector, one being an SME (less than 100 employees) and one from a larger corporate.

You need to compare and contrast the two organisations.  Your PRIMARY REPORT should compare the broad corporate/organisation structure and primarily the location and reporting lines of the HR/People & Culture/Talent team and/or departments and their broad scope within each of the organisations.  Pay particular attention to your own career preferences within each of the organisations.

  • Identify a current or past position advertisement either for a graduate or experienced professional, from each of the organisations selected.  The position should be one which you may aspire to at some point in your own HR career.

Your PRIMARY REPORT should reference each of these positions and may include an analysis of the differences in role scope, reporting lines, technology utilised, organisation values, and career progression prospects within each. 


  • You need to report on key learnings and applications to your own career aspirations from both #1 and 2 above. 
  • The PRIMARY REPORT should be written in a professional business format and tone (not academic) using Ms WORD.
  • You may structure the PRIMARY REPORT as you wish, with suitable sub-headings.
  • The TOTAL word count for the PRIMARY REPORT should not exceed 1000 (that is for parts 1 and 2 above).
  • The PRIMARY REPORT, regardless of format, will need to include an appendix with the full details of each organisation selected including their current organisation (corporate) web url, and the specific location of each of the position advertisements accessed – this data can NOT be included in your word count.
  • Turnitin needs to be under 10%
  • Any websites and other references used need to be referenced under the HAVARD referencing method.

For task 1

For the larger corporation, I will list some options that you can chose from. I will also attach the position advertisement for each of these companies below so you can use this for this task.

Adore Beauty- https://www.seek.com.au/job/50903967?type=standout#searchRequestToken=e35a8b4d-218e-4145-b466-58861ee8a90d

Seed Heritage- https://www.seek.com.au/job/50936839?type=standout#searchRequestToken=e6a2c8f1-8c38-477b-b806-4ba7e36e15dc

For the small to medium enterprise (SME) I will list some below and you can pick which one will be best.

Compare and Connect-


ACI LH- https://www.seek.com.au/job/50908574?type=promoted#searchRequestToken=ee06b998-2a4d-460b-9228-a77d3715ffb9

Leighton O’Brien Pty Ltd

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