Analysis of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals in Sea Water

Analysis of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals in Sea Water



Dilution of Sea Water

Sample Letter: ________A___________

_______50________ mL to _______250________mL 

Dilution Factor = ______5.000__________

Molarity of EDTA = ___0.01000__________ M

 Titration 1 (mL)  Titration 2 (mL)Titration 3 (mL)
Final Burette Reading24.45 mL24.27 mLN/A
Initial Burette Reading0.380 mL0.180 mLN/A
Volume of EDTA  24.07 mL24.09 mLN/A

Average Volume: _____________24.08________________mL

Molarity of NaOH:  ____________0.09757_________________M

 Titration 1 (mL)  Titration 2 (mL)Titration 3 (mL)
Final Burette Reading18.27 mL35.70 mLN/A
Initial Burette reading0.7800 mL18.30 mLN/A
Volume of NaOH  17.49 mL17.40 mLN/A

Average Volume: ____________17.445 ~ 17.45________________mL


1: Calculate the number of moles of EDTA required to titrate the 25.00 mL diluted sea water sample.

2:  Using the stoichiometry of the reaction between EDTA and the total amount of alkaline earth metals (moles of Ca2+ + moles of Mg2+).  Calculate the combined number of moles of alkaline earth metals (moles of Ca2+ + moles of Mg2+) in 25.00 mL of diluted sea water.

3: Calculate the number of moles of NaOH required to titrate the eluent from the ion exchange column.

4:  Write the equation for the reaction between OH- and H+ present in the column eluent. 

5:  From the stoichiometry of the reaction, calculate the number of moles of H+ in the eluent.

6: By substituting the value from #5 and #2 into the equation below calculate the number of moles of Na+ present in 25.00 mL of diluted sea water. 

[moles of H+]   = [moles of Na+] + 2 X [moles of Ca2+ + moles of Mg2+

Individual concentrations 

7:  Calculate the concentration of [Na+] in the diluted sea water (mol L-1).

8: Assuming a ratio of 5.00:1.00 of [Mg2+]:[Ca2+], calculate the individual concentrations of [Mg2+]  and [Ca2+]  in the diluted sea water.  


9:  Using the dilution factor for the original sea water calculate the concentrations of each cation in your initial sea water sample. Include these values together with your sample letter. 

Sample Letter:

Additional Discussion Question:

Write a brief discussion for the lab.  Please ensure that your points flow smoothly. Present your discussion in paragraph form.  The discussion should be a minimum of 500 words. 

Address the following points in the discussion.

1: Connect the purpose of the lab to the results obtained. 

2: Interpret your findings as clearly as possible.  Provide a summary of each of your major findings.

3: Discuss the results for each part of the lab.  Everything was done for a reason, present the logic behind the design of the experiment to your reader.

4: Support your statements with numerical figures when appropriate.

5: Compare and contrast the results you have drawn from your experiments with those published within the scientific literature. 

6: Discuss the implications of your work and highlight future experiments that may be of interest.

Directions for preparing a discussion are provided in the lab report format and at the end of your worksheet. If you cite that lab manual and outside sources please ensure that you include the appropriate references. Please ensure that your discussion is in paragraph form and is well written. Please ensure that your discussion is over 500 words.

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