Great Britain And China

This pair of sources shows the dramatic reversal of power between Great Britain and China.  In the first source the Chinese government is responding to British requests for more advantageous trading rights with China.

Questions to consider while reading: What is the response of the Chinese official?  What is his rationale for denying the British request?  What is his tone?

Letter to George III

In this second source, the Chinese request that the British government step in to stop the opium trade.

Questions to consider while reading: What reasons does the Chinese official use to make his request? What has changed in the time period between these letters?  What is the tone of this letter?

Letter to Queen Victoria

Write a two paragraph response to the following question:

How and why did economic and political relations between Great Britain and China change so dramatically between the 1700 and 1900?

Make sure to use quotes from these readings and information from the textbook to compose your response.

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