How do you define identity?

Part 1

Respond: BEFORE you read the text linked below, write a 50-150 word response to the following question:

  • How do you define identity? 

*Do NOT look it up and do NOT change it after you write it!

This is what I wrote. You can use it if you would like:

My personal definition of identity is my name and my ethnicity. Besides all the visual facts about me, I also believe that my personality and beliefs play an important part in making who I am. On top of that, I think my personal ring of connections such as my family, my close friends and my education has a big impact to my identity. All of those elements create who I am as a person and set me apart from other people.

Part 2

Read: What is Identity (As We Now Use the Word)? (Links to an external site.)” pp. 1-7. Focus on pages 4-5. 

Respond: AFTER reading the text, which of the definitions from the list (pp. 4-5) most closely aligns with your own definition? Or which more closely represents what identity is to you? Provide the definition from the text AND explain why. At least 250 words.

Part 3

Read: Why Identity Matters” & Watch: The videos, which are on the same website. 


RespondAFTER reading the text and watching the videos respond to each of the following questions:

  1. In your own words, define the term: “intersectionality” as it is used in the reading. 
  2. In your own words, define the term: “social construction”
  3. In your own words, define the term: “ideology”
  4. In your own words, define the term: “stereotype”
  5. Write 4-5 sentences giving me an example of something new you learned after completing the reading and watching the videos
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