NCLEX-RN tests

This paper is worth 100 points total. This must be submitted prior to the start of class on the assigned due date.

There will be 5 points deducted for every day the assignment is late up to one week. After that point, the student will earn a score of “0” .

(see syllabus for late work).

Introduction (10pts)  Introduce the topic AND your reason for choosing this topic.

Main topic – 45pts total This is divided into three sections:

  • Describe and discuss the topic(15pts)
  • Relationship to nursing(15pts)
  • The impact of topic on a specific population (could be cultural, the nurse, the health care profession, the student, education) different from the main focus. This could be positive or negative or both (15pts)

Summary (10pts) Summarize your paper. Do not include any new information that has not been previously addressed in your paper.

Incorporate a minimum of 2 peer reviewed journal articles into your paper to provide insight to your topic (15pts)

APA format (10pts)

  • 2 pts – You must have a title page and a reference page.
  • 1 pt  – Page numbers
  • 1 pt – Citations within the body of the paper must be correctly cited and reflected in your Reference page.
  • 1 pt- References in the reference page must be correctly cited and found cited within the body of the paper.
  • 1 pt –  Reference page needs to be in alphabetical order for the last name of the first author listed in the article or book, etc.
  • 1pt –  You may have no more than ONE direct quote.
  • 1pt – APA 7th ed approved font and type set
  • 1pt -One-inch margins
  • 1 pt- Double spaced

Grammar, spelling, punctuation (10pts) 

  • 4 pts- Length of paper is 3-4 pages not including title page and reference pages.
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