Technology and Business Process Improvement

DOC650 Technology and Business Process Improvement

  1. Who is responsible for ODA?

The specific group within the overall organization is responsible for ODA.  At Delta there is flight ops, maintenance, operations, in-flight, etc…  each of these parts are responsible for the developmental activities within their specific groups.  This allows for a focused goal-oriented process that applies to the employees within each of these groups.  

  1. Of the various ODA methods discussed, which ones did they demonstrate supporting?

The ODA method used is DeltaNet LMS.  This system contains all the required and optional training and development activities within the company.  This includes the pre-training learning as well as continuing education.  The system provides the organization the ability to develop and provide the learning to tens of thousands of employees worldwide quickly and efficiently.  It also allows for the easy tracking of the completion of any required training.

  1. Was learning to use the IT systems to support critical organizational processes demonstrated?

The learning needed to use this IT system was minimally demonstrated.  It is primarily demonstrated through email instructions on how to use it.  The remainder is mostly through the self-taught method.  With that being said, the system itself is fairly straight forward to use and easy enough to figure out if not clear in the instructions. 

  1. Do you think they are aware of factors that inhibit learning of processes? If so, what are they doing to address it? If not, what would you recommend to address these shortfalls?

I believe they are aware that certain aspects of the learning are inhibited.  Some of this is due to regulatory requirements that leave little to no capability to change to improve the process.  Due to this, there is limited to nothing they can do about it.  Other aspects that deter the learning, they are actively attempting to improve to increase the interest and by-in from the employees.  This is done through the focus on job centric topics versus solely organizational topics.  In-flight operations do no need nor are interested in the booking and scheduling process and vice versus.  However, customer service is important to all aspects of the operation.  What the company has done to improve that learning process is attempt to continue adjusting the material so that customer service training is tailored around the group it is presented to instead of a general companywide topic.  This allows learning that is directly applicable to one’s job.

DOC640 Case Study and Action Research

Hello everyone!

The first key idea from the readings that jumped out was that of the Deakin Model, described as “First planning, then action, then observation, then reflection, then back to planning and beginning the next cycle: plan -> act -> review -> intend (Dick, 2014).

The second key idea was a description of what action research is NOT. “It is not problem-solving in the sense of trying to find out what is wrong, but rather a quest for knowledge about how to improve” (Ferrance, 2000).

The third key idea is suggested under the topic of good preparation. The idea is broken down into 4 topics that outline things that will be required:

a. Training for a specific case study

b. developing a protocol for the study

c. screening candidate cases

d. conducting a pilot case study (Yin, 2018).

I appeared to struggle when it came to reading about Action research within the scope of education. I was not able to completely translate from the field of education to the field of business easily, thus missing some of its relevance.


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