US Supreme Court – Writ Of Certiorari

The US Supreme Court has nearly complete discretion to decide which cases it will hear. Explain which attributes are most likely to get the petitioner a coveted writ of certiorari from the US Supreme Court? (Note: not what attributes are likely to get the petitioner the outcome she/he desires—only to get his/her case heard).  Include reference from link

Discussion post, min 150 words with references

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Individual coursework critical writing

This is a critical essay of 2000 words excluding references. you can go over the word limit by 200 words only . everything is explained in the assessment sheet attached….

Research Prospectus

A two- to three-paragraph statement describing the <link is hidden> statement should begin with at least one paragraph introducing and explaining the general topic area and introducing any vocabulary and background necessary….

Project Charter theory

Describe the purpose of each element of the project charter and discuss the theory behind each element. Using appropriately cited paraphrasing, you are expected to include and draw on the….