Discussion: Incentive Program Matrix

Consider the following scenario:

Dr. Bost is a general practitioner who practices out of the Westshore Health System in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Bost participates in a Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program, which has him work toward meeting different quality measures in exchange for financial bonuses. This has led to Dr. Bosts office implementing new practices, including a focus on prevention education for high-risk health behaviors, post-visit surveys to gauge patient satisfaction with treatment and communication, and use of new technologies to assist in diagnosis and treatment. These initiatives created positive change in the practice, but the impact of that change on patient outcomes is not entirely known.

Incentive programs are still being refined and improved, and as these programs change, their impact will likely change as well.

This week, you will analyze incentive programs and their impact on healthcare organizations.

Discussion: Incentive Program Matrix

Incentive programs that are available in the United States are varied depending on the type of healthcare provider and the different qualification requirements, among other things. In the scenario in this week’s Introduction, Dr. Bost participates in a P4P program that is based on either meeting or improving upon quality measures, but many other incentive programs are available. The requirements for these programs are also varied, and not all organizations are qualified to participate.

In this Discussion, you complete a comparison matrix of different kinds of incentive programs and reflect on the impact that these programs have on healthcare organizations.

To prepare for this Discussion:

   •     Review this week’s Learning Resources.

   •     Download the Incentive Program Comparison Matrix from this week’s Learning Resources.

   •     Review the assigned chapters from Harrington (2016) and identify and review at least two current, scholarly articles from the Walden library (less than 5 years old) to complete the matrix.

By Day 4

Post your completed Incentive Program Comparison Matrix within the Discussion thread.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings.

Required links/websites:

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