Self management project

Please watch the attached videos on Self-Management. They will aid in explaining what you will be doing. The two papers, Phase 1 and Phase 2 are actually documents that will structure your planning of your final project. (don’t have to submit phase 1 and phase 2 paper, those questions just to help you for the project).
Your final product of your self-modification project will be the following:
1. Slide presentation, that has AT LEAST ONE SLIDE on each of the following topics (without plagarism):
a. title page – title of project, your name, class number, semester;
b. Background information as to why this general behavioral target was of interest to you; why important to target;
c. operational definition of the target;
d. measurement system – what, how, how often, etc.
e. then a graph of JUST BASELINE levels of behavior;
f. antecedent interventions (if any);
<link is hidden> interventions (if any);
h. experimental design;
i. RESULTS – a graph, adhering to the standard ways of presenting data in graphic form. If a multiple baseline, make it look like the classic multiple baseline pattern. If reversal, use the standard reversal format;
j. RESULTS – textual summary of results
k. DEEP THOUGHTS – how would you change the intervention, did the intervention work, what did you learn, etc.
2. VIDEO – A video of some part of your project.

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