The Lodge Apartments: Orlando, FL

This is an assignment on a Real Estate Class. I am attaching all the info for the Real Estate Project we are analyzing and I am also attaching an example FROM LAST YEAR (it is outdated do not use it for this assignment) that got an A.

The Lodge Apartments: Orlando, FL

This is a multi-family project development located within the Hamlin PUD in western Orlando

Development parameters:
• Location: Hamlin Development – Orlando MSA
• Land Area: Approximately 16 acres
• Zoning: Multi-family
• Number of Units: 250
• Building Types: Wood Frame 4-Story Elevator access, Wood frame 3-Story walk up, Wood frame
2-Story Carriage home
• Parking: Grade parking and individual garages.

Program Description:
The Lodge is a new ground-up multi-family Apartment development project located in the Hamlin master planned PUD. The project started construction in August of 2019 with a completion of the first phase in August of 2020 and final completion in January 2021.

• Hamlin Master plan
• Site Plan & Unit Mix Breakdown
• Charles Wayne Micro report (redacted)
• Greystar market competitors data sheets
For this project, you need to provide a competitive market report to determine the projected market rents at time of delivery, as the developer saw things in September 2019 (per the Charles Wayne Micro report and the Greystar market competitors data sheets, as well as your own research). You are also tasked with submitting a brief overview of how the market has changed between 2019 and today, and how those changes would impact your market report if you were providing it to the developer at this time. You do not need to speculate on effects related to the outcome of the 2020 US election.

Discussion of Economics.
This section must link what you are observing in each project to the economic models that we have
studied in class. Discuss what models are pertinent, and what these models teach us about a particular
project. Multiple models will be relevant in each case. Maximum length: one page. Use graphs as

Discussion of Supply.
In this section, discuss current supply, and what you project supply for space in your project will do
over the investment horizon. Maximum length: one page.

Integrate this question into discussion of economics:
Utilizing online sources as well as the Charles Wayne Micro report, research the macro economic growth of the Orlando MSA in Fall 2019. Provide a summary describing the economic forces influencing the overall growth of the Orlando MSA. Provide an overview as to which submarkets are growing and what are the drivers in those sub-markets.

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