Discuss a situation in your life in which you were successful in dealing with a significant obstacle

Overcoming Obstacles

Unfortunately, many students who begin college do not succeed in accomplishing their goal of completion.  In an effort to help you avoid becoming part of this statistic, spend time thinking about the obstacle that most threatens your chances of reaching your ultimate educational goal.  Some of the ones that most affect college students are: finances, lack of motivation, lack of academic preparation and study skills, distractions, partying, alcohol and/or drugs, procrastination, personal turmoil, stress, work commitments, being overwhelmed with responsibility, depression, legal issues, pregnancy, family responsibilities, transportation issues, negative peer groups and unhealthy romantic relationships.  Perhaps you are struggling with something else. 

Before you write your journal entry, you should spend some time thinking about this assignment.  Your response to these questions and the steps you take to manage your obstacle to success could be the answer to you reaching your goals.  In this journal, please do the following:

1)  Discuss a situation in your life in which you were successful in dealing with a significant obstacle.  Describe the obstacle, how you overcame it and what you have learned about yourself as a result.  You only have to share what you are comfortable sharing.  

2)  State your ultimate educational goal.  What is it that you think, at this point, is your ultimate goal?  Is it to earn a certificate, graduate from Angelina College, obtain a Bachelor’s degree or go to graduate school? 

3)  What is the most significant obstacle you see now that could threaten your chances of reaching your ultimate educational goal?  Be sure to discuss the situation in detail so that your instructor understands the issue you are facing.

4)  Discuss proactive, purposeful steps you can take to battle against your obstacle so that it doesn’t hinder your chances for success.  What can you do?  What will you do to fight against it?  Be as specific as possible in your answer.  You may use the Internet to see what other college students have done who have faced a similar issue. 

5)  When you think about other obstacles that you have encountered in your life and what you learned about yourself as you battled against them, what skills or strengths do you have that can help you do battle against the obstacle that threatens your chances of reaching your educational goals?

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