Socially responsible investing

Perform a few internet searches on terms such as the following:
• Sustainable funds
• Socially responsible investing
• Environmental, social, and corporate governance
Using resources found in your internet searches, respond to the following questions:
• What is sustainable investing?
• Do you think investors should be concerned with ESG?
• Do you think ESG investments can perform better than non-ESG investments? Why or why not?
• What type of socially responsible fund would you invest in? Why?
When replying to your classmates, you may disagree with them, but it must be done in a respectful and polite manner. Use APA-style citations. Please provide resources and references.

Excel Spreadsheet Assignment:
Please see the attached spreadsheet from week three which I did poorly.
Professor Notes below:
You sheet is missing the rate of return for the last week. You have the price move on a daily basis, but the formula for calculating that is also missing.
Please either have the excel formulas for the daily calculations or show the calculation for the rate of return over the whole 7-day period.
You can re-submit for regrading of course.

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