Global Negotiations. Methods for Managing differences

Methods for Managing Differences
• Express appreciation
• Express optimism
• Restate ground rules (refer to Resolution Ground Rules below)
• Opening statement: State the issue in nonblameful, specific language and listen (I-message optional).
• Invitation: Help me understand how you see this situation (empathic listening).
• Question: Is there really a conflict or simply a misunderstanding?
• Engage in dialogue and enforce cardinal rules.
• Stay engaged until breakthrough occurs (look for mutual interests).
• Reward conciliatory gestures.
• Make a deal with the following steps:
o Step 1: Identify needs and interests for both parties
o Step 2: Invent options for mutual gain and select the best
o Step 3: Implementation plan (specific behavioral changes and steps)
o Step 4: Follow-up, when and who?
o Step 5: Consequences
Use “I Messages”
When you [behavior demonstrated], I feel [feeling] because [effect].
Resolution Ground Rules
• No distancing or walking away
• No power plays or coercion
• No personal attacks (attack the issue)
• Everything said in this room stays in this room
• Everyone must want to mutually resolve the situation; otherwise, arbitration may be necessary (be part
of the solution)
• Participants must agree to follow through on their part of the solution as agreed upon during the session
• Walk in the shoes of the other (try to understand)
• Set aside preconceived solutions and hidden agendas
• Agree on common goals
• Create and keep a safe environment
Other Guidelines
• Before meeting, write down a brief objective paragraph about the conflict.
• Write down (honestly) your emotional triggers in this conflict.
• Ask a colleague who has no stake in the conflict to act as neutral participant.
• As you start the meeting, state the mission of your company and team. Ask the group how resolving the
conflict will help better meet your mission.

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