Immigration Policies Essay

You will be writing a research proposal to evaluate and discuss a contemporary policy issue on immigration. Your proposal needs to address the following questions:

  • Should there be a universal immigration policy? Should a points based system policy like Canada be implemented globally? Which should be used?
  • Make sure that you clearly articulate this question.
  • Why is this issue both interesting and important? In other words, why should we care about this issue? Support your argument here with data about the size of the population being affected, the potential economic impact, different groups that are affected, etc.
  • What does the existing research literature have to say about this topic? In other words, what do we already know about the issue and what gaps/unanswered questions would your proposed research fill? The idea here is to both show that you’ve done your research on the topic and to highlight the potential novelty of your proposed study. 
  • Place your question within the theoretical/conceptual framework that allows you to derive testable hypotheses. Here, you want to think about the models we’ve been using in class. You want to be able to use economic reasoning to make predictions about your research question. For example, if you were looking at whether or not the U.S. should abolish birthright citizenship, you could look at a model of immigrant selection to make predictions about how this could impact the skill levels of migrants moving to the U.S.
  • What kinds of data would you need to empirically evaluate your question? Does this data already exist and if so, identify relevant data sources. If not, propose a method of collecting the kind of data you would need. The idea here is to make a compelling case that your proposal is feasible.
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