Peer Review: Partial Draft Of Rhetorical Analysis

Your review will contain an “Overall Feedback” section where you will address:

  • What in the draft is effective and why? That is, what part or aspect of it resonates with you or helps you to understand the writer’s ideas? (Also, what about the draft do you simply like and why?) 
  • What in the draft is not as effective as it could be and why? That is, what part or aspect of it is confusing or unconvincing? What, possibly, could be done to help improve the effectiveness of this part of the draft? 

Your review will also contain an “Assignment-Specific” section where you will address:

  • Describe the role the group’s written and other textual “tools” play in the focus of the draft thus far. How are the “tools” used in the draft to highlight the group’s purposes or social relations or functions?
  • What is the most promising idea (i.e. insightful understanding) in the current draft for the writer to pursue as they continue to expand their draft in the coming days? Note the idea and briefly explain why.

You must review 3 papers that are not your own. If you see 3 reviews on the original post, you must choose another to respond to. 

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