Purpose: to cultivate the habits of critical thinking by making an argument and providing evidence

Purpose: to cultivate the habits of critical thinking by making an argument and providing evidence

Focuses: Please discuss assigned texts and films

Content: you may analyze a specific character, scene or theme in a short story or a film

Length: 4 double-space pages

Grading: Please see the rubric. 

Submission: Please upload your essays to Canvas_Assignments_Essay 2


1. For the first essay, please write about any readings or films we have covered so farYou could also provide a comparison of the readings/films.  (see beolow)

2. Feel free to use the discussion outline to guide your writing (You are not required to do so. The most important thing is to make sure that you present good arguments). If you choose to use the discussion outline, please don’t answer all of the questions in your essay. Your essay should defend your thesis and have a coherent structure. 

3. Please upload your essay to this folder by the due date. 

4. You are encouraged to visit the writing center or have a native speaker check your essay. 

5. Please keep in mind that you need write 4 double-space pages. 

6. Please see the rubric before you write:). 

Good luck! 

readings or films have covered
Shu Ting_Poem_The Cry

Be Dao_ Declaration

Wedding Banquet

almost a love story

Chungking Express

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