Should Governments Spend More Money On Space Exploration?


Title :Should governments spend more money on space exploration?  

Must do: 1 page

Write a well-organized 4 paragraph essay which contains:

• An introductory paragraph with background information and a thesis statement

• Two body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence and main reason for your opinion.  It should also have supporting sentences and details (facts, examples, reasons, or explanations) for each supporting point.

• A concluding paragraph which retells or summarizes the main points in the essay.  It should also give your opinion again.

You must do :

• The essay has a well-developed introduction with background information and a thesis statement

• The concluding paragraph retells all the points in the essay and gives your opinion again

• The essay has 2 well-developed body paragraphs which EACH have an effective topic sentence and at least 5 additional sentences containing relevant facts, examples, reasons, and/or explanations to support the topic sentence.

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