Understanding of select social issues faced by people with disabilities

SPED 117 Final Project Outline and Rubric

The purpose of this project is to enhance your understanding of select social issues faced by people with disabilities by writing a research-based reflection after watching a documentary. Please read these directions thoroughly before starting this assignment. Do not begin this assignment the day before it is due, you will need to find and review relevant literature.

  1. Select a documentary from the sign-up page. Read this document and rubric thoroughly. Ask any clarifying questions. Watch the documentary, taking notes as you do so on the social issues identified in the documentary.
  2. Do not switch topics, don’t select two topics. There is no hurry to pick a topic so review them early and review carefully.
  3. Research the social issues (e.g., exclusion, access, stigma, relationships, sexuality, employment, etc.) related to the documentary (you may need to pick one or two major topic areas to research if there are multiple in your documentary). Please do NOT research the disability from a medical perspective. For example, if you watch a documentary about people with Downs Syndrome, do not write about trisomy 21or other medical related issues. This class addresses the social constructs of disability not the causes, prevalence or medical impact of various disabilities.
  4. Identify at least 3 reputable scholarly sources (see Moodle under course information tab).Reputable sources include academic journals, and textbooks. Do not use newspaper or magazine articles as those are not considered scholarly sources. To find sources, please use an academic search engine such as the Education and Social Sciences library search page (https://www.library.illinois.edu/sshel/). Do not search for sources on Google. Use sources outside of the ones we have used in class, this assignment is meant to add to your knowledge. 
  5. Please use the following headers and sub headers in your paper. A description of what is expected in each section and the point total for each section is included.
    1. Summary: Write a 1⁄2page summary of the documentary that highlights the critical issues (6 points)
    2. Research Section: In this section, use the sub headers below to discuss the scholarly research you found. Make sure you have identified 3 scholarly sources related to the issues you identified in the summary and cite them in this section. Total length of this section should be 2 to 2 & 1⁄2 pages. The following sub headers should be included:
  6. Search Process: Describe how you found your sources (length should be 1⁄4 of a page). What search engine did you use? Reflect on how difficult or easy was it to find reputable sources. How did you decide on the ones you ended up selecting (there is an assumption that you read more than you include in you paper)? (5 points)
  7. Review of the Research: Provide a 1 to 1 and 1⁄2 page review of the research you found related to the critical issues from the documentary. The research needs to directly relate to the critical issues presented in the documentary. Write a summary of what you learned and relate it back to the critical issues explored in the movie. Present how the information you learned furthered your knowledge on the critical issue. You need to provide citations throughout this section. This section will also be graded for the quality & relevance of your sources. Ensure that they are scholarly, reputable sources and that they are relevant to the issues you raised from the documentary (26 points for review + 9 points for quality of citations).
  8. Questions and Future Ideas: After doing your research and writing your paper, what questions do you have about the issues? Write at least 3 questions. Also, include ideas you have about how to promote positive changes in the future regarding the issues you identified. (Length 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 page long (5 points)
    1. Reference list: On a separate page, list your references using APA writing style. Please do not post URLS or websites as references. Make sure that any reference you cite is in your reference list and do not include references that you did not cite in your reference list (6 points). Check the APA website for the appropriate way to cite, do not use online APA generator sites, they are not accurate.
    1. Your paper will be graded on correct formatting. The following formatting guidelines should be followed: (5 points; 1 point each)
  9. You must use a professionally writing style such as APA style for grammar, citations, and reference list. No title page.
  10. Use the headers and sub headers listed above
  11. Your paper should be double-spaced using 12-point font in Times New Roman
  12. Use 1-inch margins for the top, bottom, and sides of the paper, no funky spacing between paragraphs, no tomfoolery with margins please!  
  13. The entire paper should be 2& 1/2 -3 pages (not including the reference list).
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