Animals Rights & their Welfare in Society

– You need to cite at least 7-8 sources, preferably from philosophy journal articles
-Research papers typically require you to research a particular philosophy topic and write about it in a coherent well-synthesized manner. The main aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular philosophical issue so that you may formulate your own perspective on it and create your own interpretation and theories.
-Use 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, justified alignment, size 12 font, and black color font (Total wording without the resources page should be not less than 1100)
-The following is the types of research paper you should follow : Conceptual Paper: Explore a philosophical topic in details and from different perspectives, and provide your own original theory on it.

-Some of the TOOLS to use when working on your research paper:
• Explore a topic by defining it, explaining what it is, and presenting the different views and perspectives on it.
• Analyse the topic by unpacking each definition, each theory, and each argument carefully. You can do so by cutting down the definition/theory/concept/argument into small parts and explain each part and then provide your own interpretation of them. Keep in mind the eras these theory/concept/arguments were written and how it affected them. Keep in mind the philosophers who wrote them and the way they think. Point out the problems with them (such as logically inconsistencies or background assumptions) and the benefits or powers they have.
• Logical inference statements such as inductive or deductive numbered statements that start with a premise and ends with a conclusion can be very helpful to both the reader and the writer. They could be from previous publications, or they could be your own.
• Thought Experiments are an excellent way to get your points across. They could be from previous publications, or they could be your own.
• Analogies and analogical arguments can be very helpful in explaining your ideas and in persuading your readers. Some examples: life is like a race, both the lion and the deer are running; or, capitalists are like vampires, they only live by sucking the life of their labourers; or maybe, we should not blame weather reporters for reporting bad weather.
• Critique a philosophical theory/proposition/concept/perspective. Explain why you disagree with them and point out their problems.
• Compare between several theories or views on a particular philosophical matter.
• Philosopher’s quotes such as Karl Marx’s “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” to unpack, explain, criticize, analyze, or to defend a philosophical matter. Don’t forget to cite them.
• Invent a new definition or a new word. This might better help you to apply your new theory or idea in your discussion without having to repeat the explanation every time it comes up.
• Examples
• Tables and diagrams. If you do, remember to give them a title, for example: ‘Figure 1: Knowledge Transformation between Tacit and Explicit’.

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