Batten Disease

References :

One reference must be from a medical textbook.
One reference must be from a medical journal
One reference must be from a reputable (<link is hidden> medical school) Internet site.
Note: Web MD is fine for the introduction, but the information is to general for specific content. It may be included in the list of bibliography references, BUT this resource is NOTI. Cover Sheet — Title, Date, Course & Section, Name, CWID (last 4 digits) : centered on page

II. Introduction — History of disease (when / who discovered, causative agent(s) or processes), general information about the disease and its impact on society, etc) [Intro is a minimum complete 4 sentences]

III. Body –

Major Portion and content of paper should include college upper level medical information and proper use of medical terminology. Information needs to be specific and scientific.
(Do not have general public information as that was addressed in the introduction, <link is hidden> Web MD generalities)

a. Signalment History [HX] (who gets disease –> sex, age, race, etc AND how they get it)
b. Clinical Signs (disease syndrome, chief complaint, symptoms and signs)

c. Differential Diagnosis [DDX] (what other diseases could it be)
d. Diagnostic Tests done (Blood work, Radiographs, MRI, etc) and why.
What is a positive or confirming result. Definitive test if any.

e. Treatment [TX] options (types of medications used, etc.)
f. Prognosis [PX] (outcome –> disease cured, palliative, fatal) and Prevention

g. Any new research being done on treatment, cure, diagnostics?? (may or may not have info)
h. Any alternative (homeopathic) therapy that may be done ?? If so, what and why would this work or help.

IV. Illustrations

You should hand draw and label the normal gross and histology of the organ you have selected. Then you will also hand draw the gross and histology for the pathological process for your disease topic. Scan in your drawings or take a photo and upload them with your paper.

Note: The illustration section does NOT take the place of 3 full pages of typed written content!

V. Conclusion :: Nursing care you would give for this patient. List six (6) things you would specifically discuss with your patient and/or their family. What did you learn by researching this disease/condition?

VI. Citations and Bibliography page :: Properly cited references in paper as style directs.
Use correct format listing found in reference books the writing center in the library or on line under bibliography citation styles for bibliography page. Put your bibliography on a separate page.

Preferred citation style uses MLA, second choice would be APA style. This is for the bibliography ONLY.

MLA style web site reference: Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) considered to be a part of the three detailed MEDICAL references that are required.

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