Business and Management

For this final project, you’ll design a professional business writing project for a real client. Here’re a few aspects about this project.

Your Client and Your Role
The client should be a real client, a business or an organization, that has a real communication need. Your role in this project is that of a business writing consultant who’s hired to do the project. In the real world, you’d be paid to do it. Therefore, you have the obligation to deliver a high-quality communications product to justify what they’re paying you. In other words, treat this as a professional project.

Your project has at least two different audiences. One is the intended audience of the communications product. For example, a business may have hired you to design a brochure, and intended audience is probably their current and potential customers. A second audience will be your client. As your client, they will judge the quality of your design and assess how well it meets what they think their needs are. Therefore, your design need to cater to the needs of both audiences.

Project Options
Your project can be, for example,

a brochure or pamphlet for the Career Services Office,
a grant application a for a non-profit organization,
a proposal for a non-profit organization,
a web site for a company,
a promotional packet for a startup,
a business plan,
a recommendations report for solving the communication problems for a company, etc.
These are only suggestions. Feel free to propose anything that you think is appropriate.

Project Components
This project contains the following components:

Initial proposal (5%)
The project (30%)
Rhetorical analysis (5%)

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