Canadian taxation (Tax Assignment 2)

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is one of three assignments that you will submit for grading in TAXX 301. It should be submitted after you have worked through Lessons 4 through 6 and before you write the Midterm Examination. It is worth 5 percent of your total grade in this course.

For assignment preparation tips, see the Assignment Guidelines page.

When the marked Assignment 2 is returned to you, you will receive a detailed solution to the problems. This solution will also show you the marking guide that was used to evaluate your work. It is crucial that you review the marker’s comments and the marking guide carefully. By doing so, you will gain understanding of how marks will be allocated on the examinations that you be writing in TAXX 301. This is an extremely important part of preparation for these examinations.

When Assignment 2 is returned to you, you will also receive the solutions and marking guides for practice Assignments 3 and 4. While you will not be submitting Assignments 3 and 4 for grading, we strongly encourage you to attempt the recommended problems and review the solutions and marking guides. If you do not receive the Assignments 3 and 4 solutions and marking guides when the marked Assignment 2 is returned, please contact the Student Support Centre.

Assignment 2 requires completion of four Assignment Problems. These problems are located at the end of each chapter in the Canadian Tax Principles textbook. As indicated elsewhere in your course materials, we will not provide assistance with this Assignment 2 prior to its submission. We will be happy, however, to answer any questions that remain after you have reviewed the marker’s comments.

Four-3183–184Individual Tax Payable – 7 Cases20%
Five-5246CCA Calculations Over 3 Years30%
Six-8297–298Work Space In The Home Costs and CCA20%
Six-10301–302Deductibility of Business Expenses And CCA20%
Presentation (see Note)10%

Note: You should think of each assignment as a professional presentation that you would prepare for a client or your immediate supervisor. To encourage this approach, 10 percent of your grade on each assignment will be allocated to the quality of your presentation. This evaluation will take into consideration the overall neatness of your work, correct spelling and grammar, the appropriate form for accounting statements, and effective professional communication of the required information. When appropriate, a recommendation or statement should also be made. As electronically submitted assignments may be printed for evaluation, you should always review your work in the print layout view. Problems such as work that does not fit the page or significant misalignment in columns of numbers in financial statements can result in your losing all or part of the 10 percent allocated to presentation.

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