Marxist, Feminist, Critical Race or post-structural theories or a combination of these theories (intersectionality) as your analytical framework

Essay Instructions CRM 300


This assignment requires you to use one of the critical criminological theories: Marxist, Feminist, Critical Race or post-structural theories or a combination of these theories (intersectionality) as your analytical framework to critically analyze a topic related to policing. You must pick one topic or one case of interest and ask yourself the following questions: What is the role of race, class and gender and other forms of inequality and privilege (coming together and intersect) in practices of policing? Analyse some policing measures that might have been taken by the state and non-state actors/organizations. Ask yourself:  What are the historical, socio-economic and political contexts within which this form of policing emerges? Who is the target? What are the concrete practices? What is the goal? Do these policing practices address root causes of that particular problem? What is the impact of this form of policing on individuals, communities and society as a whole? and what are some of the community responses to it?

You can analyse specific police practices, cases or topics to analyse. You are free to choose any topic or case or practice

Topics: within these broader topics you can focus on one police practice

the under policing of violence against members of LGBTQ 2 community 

the policing of hate crimes against racial, gender, sexual minorities: such as transgender people

excessive use of force

the policing of cyber bullying

domestic violence

border security

community policing

policing the nation through immigration law

policing of corporate crime

policing of sex crimes

Policing of internet crimes

Surveillance in prisons

You can look at specific measures of How is the police is policed?



Mr. Big

Racialized policing: racial profiling, carding…

Any form of surveillance: body worn cameras; Surveillance related to work environments

Use of tasers

Stop and frisk

No knock police search

Mandatory charging

Interrogation practices

Use a minimum of 5 academic resources to analyze the topic of your choice. 

Papers will be assessed using three criteria: 

1. Analytical Skills: Students will have to show that they can apply an intersectional analysis to a topic related to policing. 

2. Integration of Course Material: For your analysis you should consider the course material as your analytical helpers. You can pick the course material that is most helpful to analyze your topic and useful to your argument. Use the course material to develop a clear argument and to document the evidence in support of your argument. You also have to use academic literature specific to your topic 

3. Writing Skills: Your essay should have an introduction. An introduction includes a paragraph introducing the topic or problem with an articulation of a central thesis. The body of your paper should include an intersectional analysis of your topic and give evidence in support of your central thesis/argument. The conclusion should be a summary of your findings and can include questions or concerns arising from your investigation. Your writing should be clear, with correct grammar and sentence structure. Your language should be precise. Your argument should be concise, coherent and logical.

The essay should be a maximum of 6-8 pages (1500-2500 words), double spaced, 12pt. font, with 1.0 inch margins, page numbers, typed and stapled. Students are expected to consistently use APA reference style. Please include a front page with a title, name and student number. More detailed instructions about the essay will be given during a lecture. Students can see me during my office hours or by appointment to discuss their individual essays.

Hand in a hard copy of the assignment in person at the beginning of the lecture. No term work will be accepted by fax or e-mail. There is a penalty of 5% per working day for assignments handed in late. Always keep a copy of any course work submitted as well as your rough notes. I will mark all assignments as soon as possible. No marks will be given out over phone or e-mail.


These four steps will assist you in conducting/ writing a good paper.

  1. Select a topic/case/policing policy, practice
  2. Do extensive research: to get all the information you need turn to academic resources first, then you can use documentaries or the media to get as much information/facts as possible.
  3. Then start your analysis: ask yourself two questions a) how is race, gender and class or other structures operating in these circumstances? You should apply Marxist theory (class analysis); or Critical Race Theory (race analysis) or Feminist Theory (gender analysis)  or intersectionality (analyze a minimum of two structures and show how these structures intersect) 
  4. Write your essay: only when you have done all this research you should start writing your essay.

Writing this essay includes an introduction, body of paper and conclusion:

Introduction: here you lead the reader into your topic or case by providing facts or a historical background, then you can let the reader know what kind of analytical framework you are using. This is followed by an argument/ thesis statement. Here you can use the “I” pronoun.

Body of Paper: In the body of your paper you need to show how racism, sexism, classism…operate in your case/topic. Or how race, gender or class or homophobia may underwrite policing practices and its consequences. Think about individual, community responses.

Conclusion: Summarize your findings,post questions that could not be answered, make personal comments….

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