Pericles: “Pericles’ Cavalry Strategy” by J. Hugh Hunter

Consult the guide to writing a critical review, which can be found here: <link is hidden> /> Read your assigned article/chapter critically and carefully. You may need to read through more than once to gain a full understanding of the author’s argument. Take notes as you read to help you follow the argument.
Write up a clearly-organized analysis within the range of 2.5-3 pages. It should be clearly organized and carefully proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Tell me 1) what the author’s argument is 2) how they came to their conclusions (their methodology) 3) what primary sources they have used and 4) whether or not you agree with the author’s claims and conclusions. Offer a clear rationale for why this is so.
Proofread/edit. I should not be the second person to look at your work.
If you have any questions at any point in this process please contact me. I am always happy to clarify and help you produce stronger work.

Evaluation: Your work will be assessed in 3 categories:

Clarity and Communication (this includes spelling and grammar): 5 marks

Critical Assessment of Sources: 5 marks

Content and Expression: 5 marks

Total=15 marks

All of the articles/chapters listed below are available through the university’s library, with the exception of the chapter by Kennedy. A PDF of that chapter is available through the post titled “Kennedy chapter” under “Content”.

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