The impact analysis research paper assignment is an integral part of the course

The impact analysis research paper assignment is an integral part of the course. To complete this project, you will select an appellate court decision from a list below and analyze the decision from various points of view in a research paper. The paper must focus on one of the cases on the list. Be sure to make your own copy of the case you select, as you will need to make reference to the case pagination in your essay. Your paper should offer a critical analysis of the Court’s reasoning by focusing on the policy implications of the decision. Through this exercise you will become familiar with legal reasoning, the judicial process, and policy analysis. Social, political, and historical context will be critical for evaluating the legal outcome.
A superior paper will be structured carefully. In your essay, your should:
1. Briefly summarize or reconstruct the main points in the opinions in the case;
2. Assess the key arguments advanced by both sides;
3. Identify the moral and political assumptions on which these arguments rely;
4. Analyze the institutions, groups, and individuals likely to experience the impact of the decision; and
5. Develop a reasoned defense of your own views on the controversies at issue and refute possible objections to your argument. Do not simply state your opinions; provide arguments for your views. Clear, systematic, and imaginative arguments will make for the most successful papers.
An important part of the essay is the impact analysis. When you identify the social, political, economic, and ideological forces that shaped the opinion, this will provide some guidance as to its effect. If possible, determine through empirical investigation whether the decision caused any specific reactions such as demands for new statutes or constitutional amendments, or whether it provoked public outcry for or against the policy. What enforcement problems might be encountered in the process of implementing the decision, if any? Even if empirical study is not feasible at present, how might one go about measuring the impact of the court case? Indicate what questions you would pose, what data would be relevant, and how you would about gathering this information.
Research for this assignment is necessary and should be submitted for review in annotated bibliography. You should do some background reading on the general subject of your paper. Look for books and articles in journals including law reviews. You should be able to obtain newspaper coverage of the case that will help you with the impact analysis, as journalists usually interview those likely to be affected by the case. Use at least 1 scholarly book, 2 US Supreme Court cases and 7 law review/law journal articles; Wikipedia and blogs are not valid sources; websites used must be reputable. You may also want to conduct some interviews with individuals or organizations affected by the ruling as part of the research for your project. Include the names of the individuals you interviewed in your bibliography, alphabetized according to surnames. Give the person’s title, which will show why you selected him or her, as well as the date you conducted the interview.
You must cite your sources properly. Citations are required for every direct quotation (any quotation over two lines should be indented ten spaces and single-spaced) and also for any ideas which are not your own. Failure to acknowledge sources constitutes plagiarism and will result in an F grade and possible University disciplinary action. Any time you use a direct quotation from someone else or take an idea from a source, you must reveal this to the reader. This includes quotations from the court decision itself. Please note that collaboration on the papers is not acceptable. Where this is evident, the grade for both students will be an F.
Use APA format. Papers without proper citation and a bibliography will not be graded. You should be sure to number your pages, proofread your work carefully, and turn it in on time.
Annotated Bibliography-15 (Due on October 2nd )
Based on the topic you choose for your research paper, you will conduct a preliminary research and complete an annotated bibliography that includes at least 2 legal cases, 1 scholarly book and 7 scholarly articles.
This assignment will be assessed on the quantity and quality of those sources you provide and the quality of your annotation.
Final Product-25 (Due on December 4th )
This assignment will be assessed on the extent to which you:
1. offer a clear, concise thesis statement describing the central argument of your essay;
2. provide reason and evidence to support that central argument throughout your essay and address counterarguments;
3. deliver a well-written, organized, properly cited essay; and,
4. conduct a comprehensive research and incorporate the literature into your analysis.

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