Webbing Portfolio Assignment

1. Students will create a series of 5 curriculum planning webs:

1 Interest Web
1 Activities Web
1 Supplies Web
1 Outcomes Web
1 Spin-Off Web.
*All webs need to center around the same theme or topic of study and must be submitted in one document: Word, PDF, or Power Point. Individual attachments, such as JPEG files, will not be accepted.

2. Students will provide a
2 paragraph write-up answering the following questions:

•What is the purpose of a curriculum web?
•What can teachers learn from creating and implementing webs?
•What can teachers or programs gain by practicing curriculum webbing?
•What do children gain, or how do they benefit, when their teachers create, plan, and implement curriculum webs?
•What did you learn about Emergent Curriculum and the process of creating a web sequence?

*You must reference material from the Emergent Curriculum modules and cite your sources. You can use the text books, articles, Power Points, videos, or guest lecturers to help you with your reflection.

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