What is a philosophical film review?

What is a philosophical film review?

Here is a Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on “Philosophical Film Review” for a technical perspective. <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

Basically, all you have to do is watch the film, and give an analysis on a philosophical issue within the film.

The easiest choice would be the Matrix. In what ways is our society operating as a Matrix, with powers keeping us bound-and-chained to illusions for nefarious purpose? For example, is there a 1% that is creating a class system, of the extreme wealthy and the extreme poor, obliterating the middle class?

Read this article on the Matrix: <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

Here is an example essay of a philosophy of film: <link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

Or take character development. For instance, explain how a character goes from good to evil, or from evil to good. For example, explain why Thanos in Avengers: End Game does his actions to depopulate the universe, and decide whether in fact this is evil, unjust or immoral, or is in fact a choice for the greater good of our universe?

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