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A Raisin in the Sun

After watching/reading the play “A Raisin in the Sun”

Have you ever known someone like the mother in the play? How does the personal experience of your life affect the way in which you identify with character? How abut the play as a whole?



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Determine which variables are the focus of the research

read three news articles intended for a general audience reporting the results from correlational studies. For each of the articles, you will answer the following questions and provide justifications for your answers:

Provide a brief summary of the topic of the article.Determine which variables are the focus of the research.Describe how the results of the correlational analyses are presented.Does the author of the article present the results as causal? In other words, does the author make statements that one variable causes the other?Can you think of any additional variables that were not included in this study that may be important to consider? Please describe the variables.Based on what you know about correlational research, does it make sense to make lifestyle changes based on the research presented in this….

Philosophy &Environmental Ethics

Use concepts/arguments from any article/presentation covered in the course to critically analyze THREE aspects of/arguments raised within the three videos you choose. To be clear, you should therefore be raising a total of six aspects of/arguments raised (implicitly or explicitly) within the two videos you choose (three for each video). Critical analysis entails connecting concepts clearly to aspects of the documentary and raising objections, counter-objections, and attempts at responses to issues/arguments raised within the documentary.

2g) With reference to “Ecofeminists Without Borders: The Power of Method,” (i) reformulate the piece into premises and a conclusion. (ii) Elaborate two counter-objections not anticipated/mentioned/covered in the piece itself. (iii) Anticipate two counter-objections to each of the counter-objections you raise in (ii) and, (iv), attempt to then defend the counter-objections raised in….

Budgeting for a New Route Launch

The $$: Air Service Development Fund (Warwick Beacon) (Links to an external site.)The Challenge: How <link is hidden> market new routes as an airline (Routes Online) (Links to an external site.)(Optional) Blog Articles for Marketing Ideas…Aviation Marketing Insights (Simplifying) (Links to an external site.)ScenarioYou are hired as a marketing intern at Green Airport. It’s your first week on the job and your boss just walked into your office announcing the recipients of the Air Service Development Fund (Warwick Beacon) (Links to an external site.) – a $3.375 million dollar incentive program to promote 16 new routes. The challenge is “airlines open new routes every day but don’t always market them effectively” (Routes Online, 2017, (Links to an external site.) para 2). Your boss has asked you to put your marketing….

Identify the The Four Ps of Marketing for the product or service

Consider your last major purpose. In a minimum of 2 pages address each of the following:

1. Identify the The Four Ps of Marketing for the product or service.Product

2. Explain in detail the product or service by including information on the brand, design, packaging, labeling, warranty, benefits, add-ons that came with the product/service, and any type of product differentiation that sets it apart from competitors.

3. PriceExplain in detail the pricing strategy for the product or service, including any discounts, bundle pricing options, or special financing offered.

4. Place (Distribution)Explain in detail the distribution channels of the product or service, including where the product or service was purchased (retail location, online, international, showroom, broker, agent, etc.), and how final delivery was made to you.

5. PromotionExplain in….

How can a SWOT analysis help a company develop a strategic plan that will be successful?

This DB has three parts.

A common tool used in strategic planning is the <link is hidden> analysis. Pick a company you are familiar with and complete a SWOT analysis for it describing 5 each of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.How can a SWOT analysis help a company develop a strategic plan that will be successful?Describe the four functions of management. What role do these play in the strategic decision making process?

Leading Diverse Teams

In a well-written paper, compare and contrast four definitions of diversity. One will be from the <link is hidden> Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); the second will be from an international scholarly or business publication; the third will be from an international non-profit organization; and the fourth will be from a corporation or business located where you live (your city or your country).

Address the following in your paper:

Describe the sources of the definitions that you are comparing and contrasting, as well as their definitions of diversity.Describe SHRM’s and the scholarly publication’s definitions. (Remember to name and describe the international scholarly or business publication you are using as a resource. What is the composition of its key audience?)Compare and contrast your definition of diversity with the definitions from….