Philosophy &Environmental Ethics

Use concepts/arguments from any article/presentation covered in the course to critically analyze THREE aspects of/arguments raised within the three videos you choose. To be clear, you should therefore be raising a total of six aspects of/arguments raised (implicitly or explicitly) within the two videos you choose (three for each video). Critical analysis entails connecting concepts clearly to aspects of the documentary and raising objections, counter-objections, and attempts at responses to issues/arguments raised within the documentary.

2g) With reference to “Ecofeminists Without Borders: The Power of Method,” (i) reformulate the piece into premises and a conclusion. (ii) Elaborate two counter-objections not anticipated/mentioned/covered in the piece itself. (iii) Anticipate two counter-objections to each of the counter-objections you raise in (ii) and, (iv), attempt to then defend the counter-objections raised in (ii) from objections raised in (iii) without merely restating the arguments of (ii) or arguments from the piece itself.

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