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Individual coursework critical writing

This is a critical essay of 2000 words excluding references. you can go over the word limit by 200 words only . everything is explained in the assessment sheet attached below plus 2 other guidelines to help you. use academic resources only and use as many to support your information and points. uk english please and harvard referencing style. Thank you. More instructions may be added if changes happen.

Research Prospectus

A two- to three-paragraph statement describing the <link is hidden> statement should begin with at least one paragraph introducing and explaining the general topic area and introducing any vocabulary and background necessary to understand the topic. (For example, if your proposed research is a rhetorical analysis of the MichaelJackson Trial, this paragraph might explain what that trial was about, identify key players and describe any historical events leading up to the trial or taking place in its aftermath). Your statement will then include at least one paragraph summarizing the research project <link is hidden> as clear and precise as you can in this section. Be sure to identify here the rhetorical significance of your <link is hidden> Clear and Precise: “This project will explore different ideas about the history of cocaine prohibition and the….

Project Charter theory

Describe the purpose of each element of the project charter and discuss the theory behind each element. Using appropriately cited paraphrasing, you are expected to include and draw on the textbook description for each of the following sections: 

1 Scope overview 

2 Business case 3 Background 

4 Milestone schedule with acceptance criteria  5 Risks, assumptions and constraints  

6 Resource estimates 

7 Stakeholder list 8 Team operating principles 9 Lessons learned 10 Signatures and commitment 

Life cycles are very important in parasitology.

Lab AssignmentFor each of the organisms, respond to the request for information on each page. You can use whatever resources you need. Your Parasit text is a great resource!

As you’re doing your life cycles, make sure you have enough information in them to refer to what is happening as far as the organism causing disease, but do not get so caught up in the details that you lose the big picture.

Life cycles are very important in parasitology. As is being able to identify these organisms microscopically. This is why you are being asked to draw the diagnostic stage of the parasite and record a written description. These completed assignments are going to be valuable to you during this class, while you are preparing for your certification….



  FINAL ASSIGNMENT:                                                                                               

For this Final Assignment, worth 60% of the final mark, the student must carry out the following work:

Task Scenario for 2050

Every student must work on a personalized approach to a scenario which must be individual; two or more students cannot work together to produce identical analyses and conclusions.

Your task is to prepare an exploratory scenario for 2050 (cf: Living Planet Report 2018 pp 124- 125), taking into account the topics and issues covered during the course. Your Exploratory Scenario 2050 should:

outline the current critical issues which will impact on human life and health in the decade beginning 2050be based on realistic expectations of goals and results arising from governmental, organizational and individual actionsdescribe the potential outcomes of specific environmental strategies….

Two important factors that made Nazi movement possible in Germany

Prompt: Use Sebastian Haffner’s memoir to explain two important factors that made the Nazi movement possible in Germany. Briefly describe one way we could confirm the validity of his testimony.

An underlined thesis that responds to the prompt in the introductory paragraph (10 points)The use of Morrow’s text in the introductory paragraph (5 points)Coherently structured body paragraphs that include topic sentences (5 points)A correctly formatted works cited section (10 points)Use of Evidence and Reasoning: The body paragraphs of the submission contain…

At least seven relevant pieces of evidence from the historical primary source to support the thesis (25 points)Accurate historical explanations telling the reader how all of the evidence supports the thesis (25 points)Writing: The entire submission…

Contains generally good spelling, punctuation, and grammar (10 points)Includes appropriately formatted….

3D of Happiness

Write a 13 page book review on the book 3D of happiness by Necati Aydin, you can find the book on script or amazon digital copy and it’s also available on iBooks for 0.99. Please follow the exact rubric attached closely. Don’t use any source other than the book itself. Use your own words. Follow the EXACT outline mentioned in the rubric on the bottom. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. 

The two youngest individuals convicted of Murder

Now that you have read the youth’s stories, please answer the following questions with a short response. Did you recognize any similarities in their characteristics, parental absences, and ADA disabilities? Are youth victims? Or Motivated Offenders?

Theoretical perspectives of routine activities and lifestyles theories are linked to individuals becoming at risk of becoming victims of crimes. 

Routine Activities:

A person’s activities or daily patterns impact the risk of being a crime victim. For example, a person’s routine activities increase the probability they will contact motivated offenders.

Principle of homogamy:

According to this principle, the more frequently a person comes into contact with persons in demographic groups with likely offenders, the more likely the person will be victimized.

A summation between the chapters will provide full credits…