3 pages research paper on a public Company ” Amazon.com, Inc.”

Amazon.com, Inc.

3 pages research paper on a public Company ” Amazon.com, Inc.”.

Paper must include the following and support your calculations by stating your assumptions:

  1. Provide sources of your information and bibliography.
  2. A brief Introduction and Overview of the Company.” Amazon.com, Inc.”
  3. State whether the Company is Mature, Growing, or Declining and support your statement.
  4. Calculate the Company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital (“WACC”).
  5. Provide at least five years of Free Cash Flow Projections for the Company to be used to determine and calculate the intrinsic value of the Company.
  6. Calculate the Valuation of the Company using your Free Cash Flow projections and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital using the Discounted Cash Flow Method.
  7. Determine the Market Value of the Company and provide commentary on the Market Value versus your Intrinsic Valuation Calculation of the Company.
  8. Identify a new growth product that does not currently exist in the Company’s portfolio of products that would potentially increase the shareholder value of the Company.
  9. Provide a Conclusion of your analysis including commentary as an investor are you a Buyer, Seller, or Hold (if you currently hold the Company’s security).
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