Research Prospectus

A two- to three-paragraph statement describing the <link is hidden> statement should begin with at least one paragraph introducing and explaining the general topic area and introducing any vocabulary and background necessary to understand the topic. (For example, if your proposed research is a rhetorical analysis of the MichaelJackson Trial, this paragraph might explain what that trial was about, identify key players and describe any historical events leading up to the trial or taking place in its aftermath). Your statement will then include at least one paragraph summarizing the research project <link is hidden> as clear and precise as you can in this section. Be sure to identify here the rhetorical significance of your <link is hidden> Clear and Precise: “This project will explore different ideas about the history of cocaine prohibition and the kinds of rhetoric used.” Clear and Precise: “This project will analyze government discourse about marijuana usage during the early 1900s in order to examine the role played by race in cocaine prohibition.” Example of statement regarding rhetorical significance of the project: “This study will help us better understand how rhetorical constructions of race exacerbated public fear of drug use and enhanced public support for prohibition laws.”<link is hidden> should be one paragraph detailing as much as possible your specific approach to the topic. Will you interpret specific rhetorical texts? Will you analyze news media coverage of a particular time period associated with an event?<link is hidden> projected thesis statement. This is just a hypothesis; it is ok if you discover something different as you do the research. Your statement should be worded here as A thesis, one sentence only. Your hypothesis should be significant, original, and grounded in rhetorical <link is hidden> list of at least 10 sources of information on the topic. At least 6 of the 10 sources should be scholarly. Sources may also appear in your Annotated Bibliography, but you should only include those sources that will actually play a role in the research project itself—you are expected to “weed out” sources that you’ve investigated that don’t actually contribute to your thesis. Each citation should include a brief (1-sentence) annotation describing specifically how the source will be utilized in your project.

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Primary and Secondary Research

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