How to write a blog post

Using week 9 Components of a good blog post and week 10 “How to write a blog post” document and create a blog post on an experience that is unique to you. What have you done or are doing that is unique to others you know?

Step 1: Choose a topic related to an experience

Step 2: Read some other blogs on a similar experience

Step 3: Create a blog post using the Components of a good blog post as your guide

Step 4: Include :

Title, Opening Phrase, Image, A sub header, Content( Experience description) , one call to action and a conclusion

*This post must be checked for accurate grammar and sentence structure using MS Word editing tools

*This post must be approximately 400 words

This post will be evaluated:

Responses show a clear understanding of each writing task
Content, organization of ideas, format, style and tone are appropriate for audience, purpose and genre
Writing is clear and concise throughout
Very important: If you use any sources on the internet including images you must reference them at the end of your post.

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