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Assignment 3: WOrkplace Communications portfolio

WOrkplace Communications portfolio

/30 Marks (20% of Final Grade)Approximate Time Requirement: 8-10 hours

For Assignment 3, you will be required to create a portfolio of 11 items showcasing your skills in report writing and workplace communication. This uses the template you submitted for Assignment 2 and must incorporate the feedback you received then and through Learning Activities.

There are many opportunities to reuse work from class, but if I find that those pieces have not incorporated my previous feedback, your grade will be lower. Each item should fit onto 1 or 2 pages with a heading and header and/or footer. The following items need to be included in your portfolio:

Cover Page: Include a simple and professional visual design along with your name and the title of your….

Which theories introduced had the greatest significance for you in your professional career or personal life?


Over the past several months we have read and reviewed 10 articles in the Harvard Business Review book on leadership. We have also watched different videos and movies that explored leadership. What core concepts resonated? Which theories introduced had the greatest significance for you in your professional career or personal life?

Please write a reflective essay that pulls together all the concepts that you felt were important for you. The goal is not to try and integrate all the concepts but just a select few. In regard to the length of your submission there is no specific requirement but will probably range between 1000 and 3000 words. Instead, just focus on the concepts that have meaning in your leadership practices. In essence, simply answer the question, “What….


DESCRIPTIONCritical thinking is the ability to objectively analyze information and draw a rational conclusion.It also involves gathering information on a subject and determining which pieces of informationapply to the subject and which do not. The ability to think critically helps people in both theirpersonal and professional lives, and is a skill highly valued by employers. Building on yourcritical reading skills, this assessment will guide you through a process that illustrates yourcritical thinking and your independent writing skills.By successfully completing this assignment, you will meet the following Course LearningRequirements:▪ CLR 2: Develop skills in research and information retrieval using a variety of print anddigital sources▪ CLR 4: Conduct information services within legal and ethical frameworksINSTRUCTIONS▪ Choose one (1) topic from the three (3) listed below.▪ Write a unified, coherent….

Crown Brief Assignment – PFP4040

Crown Brief Assignment – PFP4040

Read the following storyline of the two scenarios which includes a list of persons involved and witnesses. You will also find attached photographs of the scenes, and witness statements. You are required to complete a crown brief from the information you obtain from reading the storylines. Review crown brief contents.  You are also required to view the photographs and list the evidence you would seize for court purposes. In the section of crown brief content listed forensic reports you will list the exhibits or evidence you seized and explain why you seized it; what do you hope it will tell you or prove?

You are also required to choose one of the scenes and from the photograph of that scene draw a diagram….

Library Research Assignment

PART I                   FIND A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL     

A.  Watch the following video to learn how to access NVCC’s library databases to find peer reviewed journals. What in the world does peer-reviewed mean?  What is a peer-reviewed journal?  Listen to Jenna’s excellent explanation!


B.  Now, click on this link to help you find a peer-reviewed journal article:


C.  After watching, think about something you’re interested in studying further in psychology.  Type in some keywords like “child development and daycare” or “applied behavior analysis and autism” or “depression and elderly patients” or “college student success” or whatever YOU’RE interested in!  If you’re too broad, you’ll get a lot of articles.  If you’re too narrow, you might get too few.  There’s no real magic answer except that you have….

REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Covering details on a REITinvestment selection, the idea is to study a REIT selected from public sources (EQUITY REIT). Your role as ateam is to be financial advisers to an investor who is considering investing in a particular REIT. Pick any security and argue why it is a good or bad investment opportunity, support your premise with detailed analysis. Thepurposes of this assignment are to give you the opportunity see “real” deals in the market and to navigate theworld of investment bankers and rating agencies in your efforts to do research and obtain information. The memo is to be written to your investment committee, highlighting your analysis and conclusions. Start with an executive summary briefly summarizing your conclusion (invest or not invest) backing itup with key elements of….

Agile project management

You are asked to deliver/work towards completion of a mini project for your portfolio of projects (as set out in Week 6/7 )

You are put in to 2-3 separate ‘Scrum’ teams and assigned specific roles and will gain experience / practice using the Scrum Agile PM Framework on a real live mini project.

NB: Client needs or objectives and their ability to provide assets may change. These are the realities of ‘real life projects’. If these issues arise in this task, Scrum teams will need to be ready to respond to change and be able to reflect on such change. Such change may mean Scrum teams will need to alter the ‘scope’ of the mini-project. Teams MUST work with the course facilitator to ensure such adjustments are….