Crown Brief Assignment – PFP4040

Crown Brief Assignment – PFP4040

Read the following storyline of the two scenarios which includes a list of persons involved and witnesses. You will also find attached photographs of the scenes, and witness statements. You are required to complete a crown brief from the information you obtain from reading the storylines. Review crown brief contents.  You are also required to view the photographs and list the evidence you would seize for court purposes. In the section of crown brief content listed forensic reports you will list the exhibits or evidence you seized and explain why you seized it; what do you hope it will tell you or prove?

You are also required to choose one of the scenes and from the photograph of that scene draw a diagram of that scene. Please note it does not have to be to scale however it should be neat.

You are also required to provide witness statements for the crown brief.

NOTE: Please read the storyline, witness transcripts, and photographic evidence carefully as all of the necessary information you need is provided there.



A gang war in the City of Woodroffe Meadows links three investigations into one as a Vancouver Outlaw Motorcycle gang “hitman” comes to Ottawa from Vancouver BC to kidnap and kill a rival gang leader.  The hitman drives to condo # 3-128 Woodroffe Heights in Woodroffe Meadows, Ontario and parks his “Rent a Wreck” vehicle a 1986 White Chrysler Min-Van BC license number  –  GKL-071


The residence is owned by Mr. Jean Michel Sebastian Joseph Pierre LUC. The hit man attends at the rear of the condo, disables the silent alarm system by cutting the cable and ripping the control box off the wall. He then kicks the rear door open and rushes into the dwelling. The hitman surprises the lone occupant Sally STRIPPER (LUC’s girlfriend) in the living room. He grabs Sally and demands to know where Jean LUC is. Sally tries to defend herself by grabbing a near by golf club and swinging it at the hitman striking him a glancing blow to his head. He becomes enraged because she drew blood. He then slashes out with his hunting knife cutting Sally on the neck. She still refuses to cooperate yelling and swearing at him. He drags her down the hall to the bedroom where he throws her on the bed. He ties her hands on the bedpost and demands she tell him where Jean Luc is. He threatens her, strikes her repeatedly with his fists. Sally finally tells him Jean LUC is at his pub called “PJ’s BIKER BAR & BISTRO. Jean went to the bar to make a drug deal. The hitman then rapes her, and slits her throat killing her.  The killer departs in his White Chrysler Mini-Van and drives to the Bar. 


 The hitman parks his van a short distance away from the bar near a red Saturn bearing an Ontario plate 805 LPF and walks to PJ’s BIKER BAR & BISTRO. He appears to be waiting at the nearby bus stop for several minutes while he looks in the windows and smokes a cigarette. (A nearby witnesses waiting for the bus confirms this). After 15 minutes or so, the hitman sees LUC in the bar. The hitman pulls out a 9mm semi auto pistol and forces the door open with such force that when the door hits the wall the window in the door breaks. As the hitman enters he observes Jean LUC sitting in a chair at the table facing the door making a Cocaine deal and showing his licence to one of the buyers. Mr. LUC’s bodyguard is sitting in a chair leaning against the wall also facing the door and Mr. LUC. The bar manager is standing behind the bar which is located behind Mr. LUC. There are two other patrons at the table doing lines of “coke” (drugs). The hitman immediately fires one shot into the ceiling then walks towards where Mr. LUC is sitting. 

As witnesses will describe “Pulp Fiction style” the hitman immediately shoots LUC once into the right knee cap causing LUC to fall backwards onto the floor still in his chair.  Startled, LUC’s bodyguard Mr. Imma CROOK starts to stand up; when he is shot once in the head (between the eyes) then slumps back down into his chair and falls to the floor. The bartender /manager (who is also a BIKER associate of LUC) – raises a tire iron but backs down from the threats of the hitman. Other patrons at the table scramble outside. The Killer wraps a piece of cable wire around the victim’s neck and drags the wounded LUC out of the bar. The hitman is seen by witnesses, forcibly putting LUC into the back of his white van and then speeding away.

NOTE: Mr. Jean LUC is found deceased later the next morning and Carlos Amigo Hola is arrested.

Vehicle Registrations

Vehicle # 1    ON – 805 LPF
Red 1996 two door Saturn
RO- Jean Michel Sébastien Joseph Pierre LUC
of the HELLS BELLS MC Club– Hull- Quebec

* PWEU and Ottawa Guns and Gangs confirm he resides in a very wealthy neighborhood at # 3Upwood St., Woodroffe Meadows, Ontario

Vehicle # 2      – BC – GKL-071  RENTAL VEHICLE

White 1986 Chrysler Mini-Van
RO- ACME Rent a Wreck 
910 Government Street – Victoria, BC
Rented to Carlos Amigo HOLA, (aka Angel)

* VICLAS – CPIC confirms HOLA is a member of the TOSTIDOS Motorcycle Club -East End Vancouver, BC

Witness Stories Scenario #1

Witness –  Mr. Johnny ONTHESPOT (25yrs) ACME Security  A “wanna be Cop” with a liking to Sally which brings him from a witness to a “Person of Interest” by Police

I am a security guard for Acme Alarms and I would say I’ve worked there about five years. It’s not a bad job, not well paying but I like it because I get out in the car. Someday I want to be a cop. That would be cool. I was dispatched to the residence at #3 Upwood St in Woodroffe Meadows. The dispatch said they received an intrusion alarm indicating it had been activated from inside or there was a problem with the equipment. On the way I realized that the place where I was going was where Sally and Jean live. I know them both. Sally more than Jean, but I know Jean is a biker and owns a bar.

As I arrive I notice a white van leaving the area. I noticed it because it wasn’t in the greatest shape and it had out of province licence plates. I don’t remember the number but I think they were B.C. plates. I noticed the driver. Who couldn’t? He was big and a lot of tattoos all over his face. I thought ugly and weird. Maybe Hispanic or something like that.

I go to the back of the place and see the rear door partially open so I get out and notice that the control panel was off the wall and on the ground. The cable had been cut. I look in the door and see some blood and some things on the floor. Now I’m worried about Sally so I go in. I see blood all over the living room and down the hallway. I’m starting to panic. What’s happened I’m thinking. I call Sally’s name but I don’t get a response. I look in the bedroom. Oh my God! Oh my God! She is tied on the bed and there is blood everywhere. There is blood all over her face and neck, on her bed and the walls. I panic. I didn’t want to touch her. I ran outside and call to get you cops to get here. I am sick in the back yard. Oh Sally! Oh Sally! Is she okay? Is she dead? Oh my God! 

Victim Scenario #1

Victim#1 – Miss Sally STRIPPER (37) originally from Newfoundland now lives in Carson City, Nevada. USA. Ottawa Guns and Gangs confirm through NCIC she is a “peeler” in Vegas at the HARD ROCK Hotel. 
 *STRIPPER is known by the security guard Johnny ONTHESPOT to be living at the residence (LUC’S” squeeze.) Security guard can ID her and will describe in detail both Mr. LUC and Mr. CROOK

Witness Statements Scenario #2

Bar Manager – Jimmy

      I’ve been employed as the bartender and manager at PJ’s Biker Bar and Bistro for last 5 years. I work for Jean LUC and I am a biker associate of Jean LUC. I want you guys to know we run a clean bar. We don’t have any trouble. It’s a good place. We have some regulars that always come in. We don’t do anything illegal. Jean has always been a good boss. Lets me run the place you know. Doesn’t interfere with daily running of the bar, you know what I mean. Did you guys find him yet? That was horrible. Never saw the guy before.

Okay okay let’s see. There were a couple of the regular customers at the table sitting with Jean LUC. They had beer but I didn’t see anything else man. We run a legal bar here man. I did notice jean show one of the guys his drivers licence. Not sure why. I mind my own business. We run a clean bar here. Oh yea Jeans bodyguard was sitting next to the wall. I only know him as Imma.

I’m minding my own business as I said and suddenly the door bursts open so hard the window smashes. Who’s gonna pay for the glass man? This dude burst in carrying a gun and fires a shot into the ceiling. Got my attention I can tell you. He then fires another shot at Jean. Jean falls to the floor like a ton of bricks. Bleeding and yelling. Imma, the bodyguard starts to get up and the guy shoots him in the head. I’m starting to freak out so I grab a tire iron but the dude told me to put the freaking thing down or I would be next. I did I can tell you.

The dude wraps a blue cable around Jeans neck and drags him out the door. Holy shit man what can you do.

The dude was a big guy. Maybe 6’ 6” or more. Well built. Big man. Ugly. Had tattoos all over his face. Maybe Spanish, Hispanic, something like that. I didn’t see where he took Jean. He must have fired three or four shots. I didn’t count. I was freaked out. We run a clean bar here you know

Witnesses bar Patron – Susie Druggie

I didn’t do nothing man. I was just having a beer. This big guy suddenly came in. AT first I didn’t see him because my back was to him. There was a load noise. Like glass breaking and a loud explosion. I don’t know man I was having a beer. There was another explosion when Jean LUC suddenly fell off his chair yelling and screaming. Almost knocked my line of coke off the table. I was feeling pretty good man. Had my medication and a beer. Then I look down and Jean is bleeding all over the floor. More explosions and that friend of Jeans went down off his chair. He was bleeding about his head. What’s happening man I just came in for a beer? 

This big ugly guy dragged out Jean. I was hiding behind the table. I don’t know how many explosions I heard but way to many. I just came in for a beer.

Witnesses bar Patrons- Billy Justoutofjail

I’m a regular here. I came in after work for a quick beer. I was having one with Susie and Jean. Suddenly the door bursts open, this big guy came in and shot up the place. I dove for the floor I can tell you. He shot Jean and his bodyguard and then dragged Jean out with a piece of cable. It happened so quickly. I didn’t know him but he had a lot of tattoos on his face and head. I heard a car speed away. Did you find Jean yet.

Witness at bus stop – Johnny Hangaround

I was just waiting for the bus. They are never on time. It’s a pain man if you have to be somewhere important I would suggest you leave earlier. Anyways I’m waiting for the bus like I said when this white van pulls up and parks. The only reason I noticed the van was because of the driver. He was big like 6’3” or so. Well built and lots of tattoos. He might have been European or Hispanic. He comes over to the bus stop and stands around. I can’t figure it out because he looks like he is waiting for the bus but he just drove up in a van. He stands outside the bar looking in the windows of the bar. He stands near the newspaper box, you know the kind that holds papers to sell newspapers. Yea but they are always empty. What’s with that? You think if they wanted to sell papers they would have some in it. That sucks man. That’s one of my pet peeves.

Anyway I don’t know how long he stood there when the guy tosses his cigarette to the ground. Pulls out a gun and goes into the bar. What the hell. Why isn’t the bus here?  Suddenly I hear shots. I don’t know how many.

I’m really wishing now the bus would come. He comes out dragging this guy by a cord that’s around the guys neck. The guy is choking and bleeding. I hide behind the paper box and I see him stuff the guy in the rear of his van. You know the white one he pulled up in. Then he drives off. I call you guys. I sure wished that bus had come.

Victims Scenario #2

Victim #2 – Deceased is known to be a Mr. Imma B.A.D. CROOK.  Biker associate of the HELL’s Bell’s Biker group known to be an enforcer/ bodyguard for Mr. LUC’ organized crime network in the Ottawa area.  Described as 6’-3”-210 – Brown Hair, Brown eyes, wears blue coveralls, rubber boots, light blue denim jacket (Biker rocker)

Victim#3 – Jean Michel Sébastien Joseph Pierre LUC (40 yrs. old)

Described -Male Caucasian 5’10 “ -180- blonde hair, brown eyes,  Saw him last night wearing dark coveralls and blue checked flannel jacket.  Mr. LUC always wears a NY Yankee ball cap

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