Critical thinking is the ability to objectively analyze information and draw a rational conclusion.
It also involves gathering information on a subject and determining which pieces of information
apply to the subject and which do not. The ability to think critically helps people in both their
personal and professional lives, and is a skill highly valued by employers. Building on your
critical reading skills, this assessment will guide you through a process that illustrates your
critical thinking and your independent writing skills.
By successfully completing this assignment, you will meet the following Course Learning
▪ CLR 2: Develop skills in research and information retrieval using a variety of print and
digital sources
▪ CLR 4: Conduct information services within legal and ethical frameworks
▪ Choose one (1) topic from the three (3) listed below.
▪ Write a unified, coherent response.
▪ Support your position with relevant research from authoritative and trusted sources.
▪ Cite and reference research according to APA style.
Option 1: Online Privacy
Fadi and Sam are arguing again. Sam says that he doesn’t care about online privacy, as he has
no expectation of privacy. He simply accepts that when he is online, people and systems are
observing him all the time.
“People should have no expectation of privacy online,” says Sam.
Fadi challenges his friend’s position. “You brag about your passwords being super hard to break
all the time, Sam! Since you put so much effort into your passwords, then you must care about
privacy online.”
Sam responds, “I created those passwords for stuff like online banking or renewing my license
online, for important stuff. For social media and gaming, it’s different.”
“It’s not,” says Fadi. “You care about privacy. You care about keeping data private online.”
“Yeah, but the data on social media sites is not important like my banking information” argues
“Wrong again, Sam!” says Fadi. “Social media data is important.”
Writing Direction
You are friends with Fadi and Sam. You usually stay out of their debates. This time, though, you
agree with Fadi. Your task is to explain to Sam that social media data is as important as other
personal data (e.g. banking information) and to state the reasons why it should be protected.
Support your position with relevant research from authoritative and trusted sources. Cite and
reference research according to APA style.
Option 2: Libraries Provide Platforms for Free and Open Discussion
The Millennium Library in Winnipeg, Manitoba has lots of children’s literacy programming
throughout the year. Community organizations such as Frontier College use library space to run
homework clubs and reading circles for toddlers and school-aged children. In 2017, a reading
program called Read by Queens ran. This was a storytelling event for children at which the
storytellers were drag queens. According to a report by Maclean’s, Read by Queens is “a rare
example of queer focussed family programming” (McKinnon, 2017). While some families
welcomed this opportunity for queer family programming, others disapproved. The
programming ran.
In October 2019, the Toronto Public Library (TPL) was criticized for allowing Meghan Murphy to
speak in a rented space on its property. Murphy identifies as a feminist and takes controversial
positions on how transgendered people affect the feminist movement. One of her arguments is
that men who transition to women are undermining the women’s movement. Many people in
and around Toronto protested the TPL’s decision to allow Murphy to speak on library property.
Vancouver Public Library received the same backlash when it rented space to Murphy in
January 2019 and March 2020.
Writing Direction
In both scenarios, the library was providing a platform for free expression. Your task is to
defend a library’s decision to provide a space for events such as the two mentioned above. In
your discussion, you must make reference to a library’s ethical responsibilities, such as:
▪ intellectual freedom
▪ freedom of expression
▪ the role of libraries in providing platforms for open discussion on topics that may be
controversial, but do not engender hate speech.
Regardless of whether you agree with the libraries’ decisions, your task for this topic is to take
the perspective of a library and articulate its decision to allow programming, like the two events
mentioned above, to run in its public space. Support your position with relevant research from
authoritative and trusted sources. Cite and reference research according to APA style.
Option 3: The Right to be Forgotten
In fall 2019, photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from a school year book were scanned and
circulated online. In these photos, Trudeau’s skin was painted brown; he was wearing a turban
and a belted robe. He was at a costume party of some kind, and he appeared to be having a
good time. In talking about these photos with a friend, your friend says that people do not have
the right to be forgotten. Agree or disagree with your friend.
Writing Direction
Your task is to define the right to be forgotten and determine whether people have the right to
be forgotten. In addition, discuss the nature of information, in terms of the value of
information, the power of information, or the concept of information creation as a process.
Regardless of the position that you choose, you must take a definitive stance (no ‘fence
sitting’). Avoid getting caught up in the quandary of whether it is feasible or practical to be
forgotten. Support your position with relevant research from authoritative and trusted sources.
Cite and reference research according to APA style.
▪ Include a descriptive, unique title for your paper
▪ Include a References page
▪ Use a minimum of three (3) sources, two (2) of which must be cited in your response
▪ Use a font size no smaller than 12 pt., preferably in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman
▪ Use complete sentences and proper paragraph construction
▪ Include page numbers
▪ Submit your assignment via cuLearn as either a Word document or PDF
NOTE: This is an individual assignment; please ensure you are submitting your own work.

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