Library Research Assignment

PART I                   FIND A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL     

A.  Watch the following video to learn how to access NVCC’s library databases to find peer reviewed journals. What in the world does peer-reviewed mean?  What is a peer-reviewed journal?  Listen to Jenna’s excellent explanation!

B.  Now, click on this link to help you find a peer-reviewed journal article:

C.  After watching, think about something you’re interested in studying further in psychology.  Type in some keywords like “child development and daycare” or “applied behavior analysis and autism” or “depression and elderly patients” or “college student success” or whatever YOU’RE interested in!  If you’re too broad, you’ll get a lot of articles.  If you’re too narrow, you might get too few.  There’s no real magic answer except that you have to use keywords that are most likely to bring you to your area of interest. 

D.  Once you’ve found the right combination, read the abstracts (short summaries of the article) that you find interesting. 

E.  Once you’ve found a couple, print off the full-text articles of that study, and read it.  This is part one.  You’re done with it.  That’s all!  BE SURE TO ASK LIZ OR ME FOR HELP IF YOU NEED IT!  You can always email me or stop by my office or the library.

F.  When you’ve selected your article, email me a copy of the electronic link to it to

G.  By the way, if you’re curious to know what it took for your selected paper to get published in a peer reviewed journal, you can check this out:


75 POINTS               

A.  Answer the following questions regarding your full-length peer-reviewed psychology journal article in an APA style paper in paragraph form. 

Why are the researchers conducting this study?

What is the hypothesis?

What is the research design?

Why did the researchers choose this research design?

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this design?  (see your text if necessary)

Who are the subjects.  What are their characteristics?  Why is this sample chosen?

What type of psychological measurements are used?  Self-reports, behavioral observations, etc?

How did the researchers conduct the research?  What was their methodology?

What are ethical issues the researchers had to consider or ran into during their research?

What are the conclusions?

Is the hypothesis supported?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this particular research study?

Are there any recommendations for future research?

B.  How do I write an APA style paper?    

First, check out the file “How to Format an APA Paper” appropriately located in the same file as this assignment and read it.  Watch all the video links contained in the paper.

Second, download the file to your computer so that you can simply copy it as a template making sure you change my name to yours, change your title, header, and obviously the written body of the paper to reflect your answers to the questions above.  Please do not number the questions.  And be sure to write in present tense. 

If you plan on majoring in psychology, please buy the APA Publication Manual soon!


25 POINTS               

Create a reference page using the information and videos contained in my sample paper.  You only have one peer-reviewed journal article, so if you use the citation machine website, this should be your easiest task yet.

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