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This assignment is an academic essay in which you will choose either one media outlet, one journalistic beat or one specific journalist or group of journalists. Your piece will chronicle the challenges and opportunities of your chosen object of study in the context of the digital age. As we have seen this term, the effect the internet has had on journalism cannot be overstated, be it in the business of journalism; the different forms it takes; the breakdown in traditional hierarchies of knowledge; the democratization of production due to new technologies; the platforms upon which information is disseminated. This essay will focus on how that digital revolution has affected that one outlet/journalist/beat – or not, if you want to showcase an anomaly.

This exercise should go beyond the….

Sociology and the Real World Paper

3.13. ASSESSMENT: Sociology and the Real World PaperDue Dec 8 by 11:59pm Points 80 Submitting a file upload File Types doc., docx, and pdf Available after Aug 30 at 12amYou will be required to write a 4-5 page, typed, double spaced (no larger than 12 point font, one inch margins), social issue paper about something that you have experienced. You must choose one topic from the list below.

Topic 1: Your socialization experiences as a child focusing on learned gender roles

Topic 2: Your experience with stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination (based on race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, mental health, disability — including learning disability, and/or physical characteristics)

Topic 3: Your experiences with health/health care (think about access to health care/health care costs, or health and stigma)

Topic 4:….

What is Quantitative Easing? What are its objectives? How successful has it been in meeting its objectives?

1. What are the key arguments in favour and against inflation targeting and central bank independence?2. What is Quantitative Easing? What are its objectives? How successful has it been in meeting its objectives?3. What are the key theoretical differences between neoclassical, Marxian and Chartalist theories of money?4. What are the key theoretical differences between the Efficient Market Hypothesis, behavioural finance, and the Keynesian perspective on financial markets?5. What are the most important aspects of the financialisation of households and their effects?6. Whatarethemostimportantaspectsofthefinancialisationoffirmsandtheir effects?7. What is shadow banking, how is it related to securitisation and what are its risks?8. What are the most important developments in the international monetary system since the end of the Bretton-Woods system? What are the implications for domestic policy makers?9. What are the most….

What the Health: Self-Determined but you must select a film as the base of your paper

General Topic: Film or Media

Specific Topic: Self-Determined but you must select a film as the base of your paper.


What the Health

Game Changers

Length: 5 pages NOT including your title page, outline, and bibliography.

Font Size. 12-point font size Times New Roman Font

Line Spacing. You may prepare your paper in single or double space format. If you choose to prepare in double space format, be sure to single space the title, abstract, itemized and enumerated lists, tables, and the bibliography.

Paper Margins. Allow 1-inch margins on all four sides and justify text on both sides.

The following information is the criteria upon which your papers will be graded. It is not a series of suggestions. This document should be followed explicitly. For example, if….

Broken on All Sides: What were your most interesting discoveries?

Guidelines:This assignment should be about 50 to 100 words per question and should address all the elements in the prompt (total assignment should be 2 pages double-spaced). You do not need to repeat the question prompts. No cover page is required but your name should be on the paper. Your answer should contain examples from the movie, connection to reading, and a critical analysis.Submit the assignment as a Word file.

Assignment Instructions:Presenting a historical narrative not often heard about prisons and crime, this documentary investigates the complex issues of discretion within the system, racial targeting, and the largest spike in the number of people incarcerated in our nation’s history.

Through interviews with people caught up in or involved with the system, this documentary answers and provokes questions on….

Scientific Reasoning

Scientific ReasoningScience is one of the most successful endeavors of mankind. Through the power of reason and careful observation, humans have found out how to get to the moon, cure diseases, and overcome many of the discomforts of nature. This discussion prompt provides you with an opportunity to practice identifying and evaluating specific types of scientific inference.

Prepare:Read Chapters 5 and 6 from the course text, in addition to the required resources for this week. Search for some scientific discovery that is interesting to you. It could be recent or old. Learn about how that discovery came about, and the type of reasoning that was used. You will be addressing the selected scientific discovery for this discussion.

Reflect:Evaluate the reasoning that was used on the basis of this….

5003PhaSci: Pharmacokinetics of Lithium – coursework

5003PhaSci: Pharmacokinetics of Lithium – coursework

A simulation of lithium dosing in a specific patient and dose adjustment in response to monitoring


The following exercise simulates the clinical objective of safe and effective treatment using a drug of narrow therapeutic window (dose interval between therapeutic and toxic effects). First the pharmacokinetic parameters (V, K, Cl) for the drug in a specific patient are determined by a bolus dose; thereby enabling the calculation of a regimen of dosing by i.v. bolus injection followed by an infusion. Second, the infusion rate is reviewed – adjusted, or maintained – in response to monitoring plasma levels achieved. This approach is used to successfully maintain the patient within a narrow therapeutic window.

Salts of lithium are classified as mood stabilizers; are used….

In this exercise, you will try to figure out the genotype for eye color that you possess

In this exercise, you will try to figure out the genotype for eye color that you possess. You will be using your pedigree (family tree with details) to figure this out. You can upload a .doc or .pages or you can cut and paste your submission into the text box.

I realize this can be confusing at first (I’ll demonstrate in class on Thursday; if you’re not in class, feel free to email with questions). Basically, you’re just doing your genealogy back to your great grandparents. It’s okay if there’s missing data (in this case, that helps you figure out how strong your results are.).

In your submission, write a paragraph at the top and say how many people are on your chart, what their various eye colors….

In Assignment 1, you have looked at the concepts in Module 1 and applied them to an issue that has an impact on sustainability, responsibility and/or ethics and linked it to the relevant SDGs

Assessment InstructionsAssessment 2 – Written Assignment

This task in compulsoryAssessment InstructionsIn Assignment 1, you have looked at the concepts in Module 1 and applied them to an issue that has an impact on sustainability, responsibility and/or ethics and linked it to the relevant SDGs. You have unpacked the issue as it relates to the Mintzbergs model of management, its Triple Bottom Line impacts and mapped the key stakeholders involved in the issue. Module 2 provides the opportunity to explore more management concepts to build solutions to this issue.Return to the challenge articulated in your Responsible Management Report. Refine your description of that challenge and provide a brief summary of it in the body of the essay. If you wish, you can include a more detailed description of the challenge as….


Assignment 3 Concept mapping Group Assignmentwrite a short 1000-1, 200 word accompanying report explaining your concept map. please use the public health pitt article to ( link provided above instructions) to outline your report

<link is hidden> (Links to an external site.)

Use of concurrent mixed methods combining concept mapping (1).pdfUsing Concept Mapping to Develop a <link is hidden>Perspectives on the strategic uses of concept <link is hidden>

The style of referencing used can be AP/ AMA format.

EssayCover Page:Executive Summary:Introduction:Body:Conclusion:References:Based on : Other references can be used as wellOUTLINE OF CASE STUDY- “LEADING ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE: IMPROVING HOSPITAL PERFOMANCE

Leading Organisational Change: Improving Hospital …<link is hidden> › educators › products › view

1.Tracey Burns, Director of Nursing at the King Edgar National Health Scheme (NHS) Hospital Trust was assigned to head….