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Decolonizing approaches in archaeology emerged as a means to counter the dominance of colonial ideologies and improve the accuracy of Indigenous representations

Decolonizing approaches in archaeology emerged as a means to counter the dominance of colonial ideologies and improve the accuracy of Indigenous representations. Historically, the routines of mainstream archaeological practice have been shaped by Western (primarily elite Euro-American) beliefs and categories. Although Indigenous people have long been used as informants, Western scientists have exerted control over Indigenous property, and Indigenous knowledges and concerns have been pushed to the margins. Decolonizing has both political and practical effects; it alters power relations among scientists and subjects, while also expanding the volume and accuracy of available Indigenous data.

Decolonizing archaeologists seek to untangle colonial influences by encouraging greater collaboration with Indigenous peoples, reconsidering foundational knowledges, and paying closer attention to the ethics of handling other peoples’ heritage. Decolonizing approaches are explicitly intended….

Cellular Processes And The Genetic Environment


An 83-year-old resident of a skilled nursing facility presents to the emergency department with generalized edema of extremities and abdomen. History obtained from staff reveals the patient has a history of malabsorption syndrome and difficulty eating due to lack of dentures. The patient has been diagnosed with protein malnutrition.

By Day 3 of Week 1

Post an explanation of the disease highlighted in the scenario you were provided. Include the following in your explanation, usually a paragraph with citation(s) should suffice to cover each point. Citations would reflect classroom textbook, primary, current peer-reviewed journal articles (published in last 5 yr) usually, 3 will support your points.

The role genetics plays in the disease.Why the patient is presenting with the specific symptoms described.The physiologic response to the stimulus presented in the….

Why should an organization Implement an ERM application?

Research Paper

Risk management is one of the most important components in empowering an organization to achieve its ultimate vision. With proper risk management culture and knowledge, team members will be “speaking” the same language, and they will leverage common analytical abilities to identify and mitigate potential risks as well as exploit opportunities in a timely fashion. In order to consolidate efforts, the existence of an integrated framework is crucial. This is why an ERM is necessary to the fulfillment of any organization’s goals and objectives.

In your final research project for the course, your task is to write a 7-10 page paper discussing the following concepts:

IntroductionWhy should an organization Implement an ERM application?What are some key challenges and solutions to Implementing an ERM?What is Important for….

On balance, was the one-child policy a successful policy?

Students write Essay II to prepare for the debate class on China’s one-child policy. The question for Essay II is “On balance, was the one-child policy a successful policy?” 

The essay should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins.

Students should synthesize the readings and comprehend the materials. Students are expected to develop and present clear and coherent arguments and their own perspectives on the questions.

Late essays will be penalized 10 points (out of 100) for each day of being late. The essays should Not be summaries of the readings, but the student’s perspectives on the issue. When appropriate, feel free to bring in sources other than the readings assigned, but make sure you provide the proper citation (The citation style you should use is Chicago style, https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html)

Personal Financial Plan

Creating your personal financial plan is a major requirement of this course. It should consist of a completed Word document and an Excel workbook. The Word document is below. Add your answers directly to the file. Your Excel workbook should complete three worksheets (taxes, debt, and retirement) to provide the calculation for your Word document. You will be scored based upon the feasibility, plausibility, and thoroughness of your plan.

Must create a personal financial plan. it can be made up but with correct and legit answers. Also correct numbers on the excel worksheet.

Outbreak Communication And Related Message

There has been a health outbreak! Choose an at-risk population, an epidemic, and respond to the following objectives from the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service. You are to write a 2- 3 page paper, in APA format, include at least 5 references, and address the objectives below. You will include the primary NCHEC Area of Responsibility and Competency you are addressing in this assignment as a title on the first page of your document. What is the epidemic, who does it adversely affect, what is the first response to this epidemic, etc. After you complete the paper, create a 1-page outbreak communication flyer, radio announcement, commercial transcript, etc. to release to the public (this is the presentation portion and is a separate submission) (follow the CDC and WHO outline for….

Democratic Leadership

Review and do further research on the leadership styles covered in Unit 4, Lesson 3 – Lewin’s Leadership Styles. Provide a brief description for each of the three leadership styles: autocratic, participative, and laissez-faire. Include in your descriptions a specific example of when you have seen each of these types of leadership styles demonstrated (at work, at school, at church, etc.) (3 paragraphs minimum)***RESULTS AT BOTTOM***Select the What’s Your Leadership Style? link to learn more about your leadership style. Based on your results, discuss the leadership style you currently lean towards and explain why. Be sure to provide full analysis and examples of behaviors on the job which make you believe that you exhibit this particular leadership style. (2 paragraphs minimum)Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style. (2 paragraphs minimum)Explain and provide an….

What is the general theme of the paper you read? What does the title mean? What are they trying to do? Why are they trying to do it? (I.e., what problem are they trying to solve?)

 The project requires you to read a computer-graphics-related paper and write a 5-page analysis of it. 

 You do not need to understand the equations in the paper. Just understand the general themes of the paper — what they are doing, why are they doing it, how they are trying to do it, anything that relates to what we have been doing in class, etc. 

The 5-page Paper You Submit Must At Least Cover What is the general theme of the paper you read? What does the title mean? What are they trying to do? Why are they trying to do it? (I.e., what problem are they trying to solve?)Who are the authors? Where are they from? What positions do they hold? Can you find out something about their….

Draw Gershgorin Circles that contain the eigenvalues of A.

This project computes the two largest eigenvalues of a 50×50 matrix. You will use the usual Power Method to compute the largest eigenvalue. For the next largest eigenvalue, you can use an “Annihilation or Deflation or Shifting technique” discussed in class and also in our book. The matrix A is tridiagonal. Its main diagonal has ones on it. The super diagonal (the diagonal above the main diagonal) has negative-ones on it. The sub-diagonal (below the main diagonal) has negative-ones also. Our starting vector xo has all ones. Our tolerance is 0.01.

Turn in the following on one page

1) Draw Gershgorin Circles that contain the eigenvalues of A.

     Use “insert” from the menu to locate and draw circles.

2) Based on part (1), what is the spectral….

Develop a disaster recovery plan for an organization

Develop a disaster recovery plan for an organization. There are many different templates available online for you to use as reference and guidance. Your plan should cover the following sections (these sections detail the elements in a DR plan in the sequence defined by industry compliance standards ISO 27031 and ISO 24762): 

This section should summarize key action steps (such as where to assemble employees if forced to evacuate the building) and list key contacts with contact information for ease of authorizing and launching the plan.IntroductionRoles and ResponsibilitiesIncident ResponsePlan ActivationDocument HistoryProcedures

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be approximately seven to ten pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.Follow APA7 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content,….